Devil Dog

Prentiss has always been about as far away from Brett Donavan's hemisphere of happiness as it's possible to be. Privilege never sat well with him, maybe because he left it all behind the moment he entered foster care, maybe because he saw for himself how the rest of the world lived without it, and maybe because, even at a young age, it all felt misplaced somehow: a happy ending right at the beginning of the story.
"It's just the way things are for you now, Bretty," his father once told him. "Your mother moves in powerful circles these days. We can afford to live safe. That's why we moved to Prentiss."
They did what all responsible parents did. They chose the best neighbourhood for their boy in the hope he would live happily ever after, that every night would bring him sweet dreams. And for a while, Brett Donavan slept just as soundly as any seven year old boy should.

Turn the page and the story really begins - back when the sleepless nights started.
A ten-year-old Brett Donavan came home from school one evening and spent the whole night sitting in front of the TV, waiting for mom and dad to get home. By nine o'clock he was worried. By midnight he knew they weren't coming. He stayed close to the light, to the glow of the TV screen, watching the news chopper flying out over Waterfront, the beige saloon car being dragged from the sea. There were Port Authority cops everywhere. Yellow tape. Bloodstains on the floor. A sheet covering a body. And then another. And Brett thought to himself: "Hey, that looks just like our car&"

For eight years afterward, he barely slept. He came to know life in the foster care system. It was ok. Nothing bad to report. No stereotyped beatings or alcoholic guardians to contend with. Nothing in fact. Nothing to rebel against. Nothing to aspire to. No maidens to rescue. No vampires to stake. No plot at all. And so Brett grew up in a kind of daze, wondering where there story was leading him, wondering why he couldn't connect with it any more.

At 18, the navy brought him the chapter he needed, a whole cast of characters to connect with. He didn't need a kind ear, or a stable home, what he needed was purpose and the discipline instilled within him to see it done. He needed to pick up a sword and go out and slay dragons. And that was exactly what the marines gave him.
The sword they chose was an Agrotech DMR-SD. Turned out he was a devil with it - a true sniper master. Hero extraordinaire. Devil dog, the unit called each other when things were going good. After a time they began to stop using it amongst themselves, and Brett Donavan earned the title all to himself. They said he was destined for great things. Even the SEALs had their eye on him. But when was he ever that lucky?

A year or two later: boom! A fluke shot from an enemy unit. Snipers had him pinned down in his position, more or less, cooped up in a desert shack, the sun beating down so hard it was like lying inside a clay oven. He'd been in there for three hours, dehydrating a little more with each minute, his mouth as dry and course as sandpaper, but his focus unmoving. The bad guys had been waiting for about the same duration, far across the way in some shelled-out high rise, moving from one shadowy window to the next, trying to get a bead on him. They kept trying all afternoon, but they never did find him. Too bad the same couldn't be said for the mortars.

Skip forward a few pages, past the stay in a military hospital, past the honourable discharge. Almost as far as now: Chapter 2011.
Devil Dog is back in San Paro, looking for a new purpose. No sign of a happy ending in his sights so far. He's searching for someone in particular. A guy named Byeong Lee - one of his old Drill Sergeant's buddies, apparently. If the rumours are anything to go by, the old cop could use a guy like Devil Dog, even though he doesn't hear so well these days. And the headaches haven't gone away.

He spends a few weeks in Prentiss. Down by the sea, trying to find that spot from the news all those years ago. He does. It looks just the same, minus the blood and shell casings. Maybe one or two& He doesn't hear the roar of the Bishada until it's almost passing him. He turns back in time to see some vampish lunatic with pink bunches leaning out of the window in a red crop top and firing a fully-automatic, scoped N-Tec at a Patriot Jericho with the word Tigers down the side of it.
Nearby, an old dude watches them speed off. "Poor assholes don't stand a chance," he says. "Just making it up as they go along. Back in the day, we got trained before went to war. Can't just pick up a gun and call yourself a hero, you know?"

Devil dog smiles to himself. Beneath the burn scars his face still smarts a bit.
"No," he agrees. "But then, even heroes have to make things up as they go&"

Unlocks Contact


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level

Standing required: 26,000

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Radar Jammer Modifications $60,000 195

Standing required: 27,300

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Valzipram Tablets Modifications $60,000 195

Standing required: 28,600

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Balkan Varzuga 354 E Vehicles $50,000 85

Standing required: 29,900

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Tagger Modifications $60,000 195

Standing required: 31,200

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
+5 Clothing Inventory Space Capacity $1,000,000 0
Hockey Mask Plain Clothing $0 0
Hockey Mask Plain Clothing $0 0

Standing required: 32,500

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Muzzle Brake (Horizontal) Modifications $60,000 195

Standing required: 33,800

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Balkan Ravan 204 E Vehicles $50,000 85

Standing required: 35,100

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
+2 Themes Inventory Space Capacity $400,000 0
DevilDog's First Try Themes $0 0

Standing required: 36,400

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Low-Yield Fragmentation Grenade Weapons $0 195

Standing required: 37,700

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
+2 Songs Inventory Space Capacity $400,000 0

Standing required: 39,000

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Dolton Broadwing D 410 Vehicles $300,000 85

Standing required: 40,300

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Hard Landing Modifications $60,000 195

Standing required: 41,600

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Colby M-1922 Mk2 Weapons $13,500 195

Standing required: 42,900

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Brick Modifications $60,000 0

Standing required: 44,200

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
+2 Vehicles Inventory Space Capacity $400,000 0

Standing required: 45,500

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Nulander Pioneer Q133 Vehicles $400,000 85

Standing required: 46,800

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Mobility Sling Modifications $60,000 195

Standing required: 48,100

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Patriot V20 Super 3A Vehicles $400,000 85

Standing required: 49,400

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"DevilDog" Elbowpads Clothing $500 0
"DevilDog" Kneepads Clothing $500 0
"DevilDog" Mask Clothing $1,000 0
"DevilDog" Tactical Vest Clothing $1,000 0
"DevilDog" Rifleman Config Clothing $500 0
"DevilDog" Elbowpads Clothing $500 0
"DevilDog" Kneepads Clothing $500 0
"DevilDog" Mask Clothing $1,000 0
"DevilDog" Tactical Vest Clothing $1,000 0
"DevilDog" Rifleman Config Clothing $500 0
Crim Slayer Unlocks $0 0
Cisco JX04 "DevilDog" Vehicles $150,000 195
N-TEC 5 'Crim-Slayer' Stock Weapons $22,650 195
Level Activity

As a sniper you shouldn't be getting close enough for them to spot you but sometimes you can't help it. Equip your radar jammer and jam 5 enemies radar. Seriously, no one sees it coming. It's hilarious.

Jam 5 Criminals.


A sniper can't be expected to do everything themselves which means, occasionally, we need a little bit of help. That's where Tagger comes in. It marks people for execution at long range. Go tag 10 Criminals with Tagger.

Tag 10 Criminals.


Hey! Put on your game face, get some war paint on and do some other really clichÚ jock shit. Look, I don't give a fuck? Daddy's tired and wants to see you kill 8 Criminals with a Sniper Rifle. Now fuck off before my hangover turns violent.

Kill 8 Criminals with a Sniper Rifle.


I keep tellin' people that I can fuck them up if they get close too. I can use a SNR to kill twenty guys before lunch. See if you can do better. Kill 25 Criminals with a Snub Nose Revolver.

Kill 25 Criminals with a Snub Nose Revolver

Level Subject
2 Don't think I really introduced myself&


So& yeah, I don't really go in for all this email shit. Too busy, you know? But Orlenz' said I should reach out, so whatever&
Name's Brett& but until we're on first name terms, I go by the handle "Devil Dog" - it's a marine thing.

Joined up with the Tigers awhile back, and Byeong liked what I brought to the table - I got a load of combat experience, yadda yadda, marine sniper etc. - so I guess he wants some of that to rub off on you. I told him that I'm only interested in working with experienced enforcers, though. Send me the best and I'll see what I can do.

Looks like you're it.

I'll have my eye on you& especially if you're passing by Mist. Swing by and we can chat whenever you want.

Oh, and now that you're working for me I'm bringing you into the circle of trust. We've got some experimental gear coming down the line, which we wouldn't hand out to the rookies. I've been asked to play scout master up in Havalynd, you know, hand out all the cookies to the good boys and girls. Lucky me.

Anyway (damn, these emails get long fast), you do good work out there, and I'll make sure to pass some of that on to you. In the meantime, I'm sending you a Radar Jammer. Does exactly what you'd think. Very useful if you find yourself needing to move to a new perch.

See you around.

3 New dog, old trick.


So I've sent you some Valzipram pills. They used to hand these out to all us snipers back in the day. Guess the idea was to keep us calm in battle, but they didn't work worth a shit. Same turmoil in the head and guts, but lighter in the body. Waste of fucking time. Avoid COFFEE: same effect for a sniper and with none of the funky dreams.

Back in his boxing days, though, my buddy Rico used to pop a couple of these babies before a fight (wasn't the kind of gig that did drugstests, if you know what I'm saying). You'd be amazed how much blunt force trauma he could take afterward. Seriously. You couldn't have knocked that guy out if you'd wrapped a Colby CSG around his head! He said the pills eased the tension. Stopped his muscles from tearing. His theory anyway. Go figure.

Anyway it got me thinking& the roads are crazy out here. We lose so many rookies on the hoods of Bishadas, it's like they should be advertising kill stats just to make crims buy more of the damn things. I know it's a long shot, but fuck it, maybe these pills will help you out when you're on patrol.

Up to you.

4 Varzuga shipment.

Remember that Varzuga shipment that went 'missing' a few months back? Guess what? They turned up.

Too late to go back to the manufacturer's now since the insurance paid out already. We've been asked to keep it on the down-low - must've been profitable for the suits. Anyway, Orlenz' people are auctioning them off for the PT ordinance fund. He says he's got something in mind. Some new comms gear for sharpshooters. Can't wait. Didn't bother to tell him that was an idea I suggested last month.

Fuck it. He's a nice guy n'all but he's a bit of dick dontcha think? Kinda conceited sometimes.

Meh. Maybe I just have a chip on my shoulder. Wonder why&

Anyway, if you need a new car I can get you a decent price. Fucking roomy as hell and none of the molded plastic shit in the trunk so you can equip it with all kinds of fun stuff.


5 I spy with my little eye&

Feel a bit bad about ragging on Orlenz' in that last mail. Turns out he came through for us.

I'm sending you a Tagger mod. They took my prototype and started mass-production. Works like a charm, just point and shoot. If you hit anyone, it'll be communicated to the rest of your team so they can mop up a quick kill. Hard to know which bad guy to aim at sometimes, isn't it?

This should go a long way.

6 Bullseye.

You passed by my scope a little while back. Dude, you should think about investing in some new clothes. Some days you might as well have a fucking target strapped to you back. What is it with people in this city? People are either dressed in gold and platinum, twinkling like a bunch of fucking star fairies, or they're decked out all-black thinking that they look like ninjas. Here's a tip: gray works better at night. Black just makes you into a bigger shadow to aim a gun at.

Like I should talk& You seen how I dress lately? Kinda conspicuous, right? Yeah, well that's so the likes of you can find me. And I'm yet to meet a crim that can beat me on the draw.

Tell you what, I'm sending you a Plain Hockey Mask like the one I wear. I'm happy for you to customize it however you want. So long as it's gray.

Just sayin'.

7 Sweet!

Guess the penny's starting to drop over at PTHQ. Those muzzle brakes I ordered finally came through.

Vertical recoil's waaaay easier to compensate for than horizontal. I'm not saying that this'll get rid of it entirely, but it'll sure help. Trust me.

If I had a tail I'd be wagging it right about now.

8 Ravan orgy

Remember those Varzugas a while back? Still a few left btw. So now a shipment of Ravans turns up. Same as before. Barebones factory clean. Oh and no serial numbers to speak of. Once again, the insurance has been paid up, and we're instructed to keep it on the down-low.

Call me cynical, but a favor's one thing: this is starting to sound a lot like crime.

I told Lee my feelings on it over some Thai food. He just nodded and said he'd take care of it, then went back to his Pad Thai. Didn't say another word.

I hope he's not dirty.

Anyway, you want a roomy Ravan cheap, I can fix that for you. Keep and ear to the ground.

9 Baying at the moon.

So, I got this weird email from Violet. It said:

"Guess you're looking for something to hum right about now DevilDog."

Fucking weird or what? I can't figure women out. What does she mean by THAT? Who has she been talking to? Makes me nervous. Doubt I told you this already, but I think she's hot as hell. Makes me feel like a real damn dog when I'm around her. Good job there ain't any furniture up here for me to hump. j/k

Anyway, I thought it'd be funny to compose some catchy tune and mail it to her. Turns out I can't compose worth a shit. Bad idea. You'd better have my theme spaces before I blow my chances with her for good. Shoulda known that music was a dangerous hobby for someone who kills people long-distance for a living.


PS. Keep this between us please.

10 Idiots.

Some people are idiots. Actually a lot of people.
I ordered another 2 crates of Joker frag grenades. I open them up and guess what? Different grenades. Not the standard issue, but some cheap-ass sweatshop rip-off. These things weigh nothing. And the damage sucks.

Fuckin' Darryl gives me this condescending pat on the shoulder and tells me: 'be more optimistic'. WTF? Guess he didn't pick up the hint. Says 'if they're so light, I guess we can carry three'. Then he laughs like he actually said something funny. Like we're at the bad end of a cheap Saturday morning cartoon or something, and me the fluffy creature everyone jokes about!

Sorry, I may be on the fence with Orlenz' sometimes, but that Darryl is 100% dickhead. He pats me on the shoulder again, I'm gonna see if I can't 'pat him' on that old football injury of his. Prick.

Anyway, I'm sending you some of these grenades. Hey, you can carry 3 now! Be optimistic!
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
*Cue shitty guitar music and roll credits.


11 Don't you dare&


When I hooked you up with my theme spaces did I attach that tune I was working on by mistake?
DO NOT send that to Violet. You hear? Remember I hooked you up with those spaces. I forgot the song ones too. You can have those.
Just please don't send them to her.
Please let me know you didn't send them.
I wanna puke now.

12 Phew.

I haven't forgotten about the music thing, but I haven't heard anything from Violet yet, so I guess you kept them to yourself. Thanks for that.

Turns out that Byeong wasn't dirty after all. That whole stolen car thing? Apparently the car manufacturers are sick of having their freight intercepted. It's a world problem, not just a San Paro problem, but we think that it's been organized down here. That's why these cars are all so barebones. They don't ship any extras with them to save cost. Someone's paying a lot of money to bait this hook. What kind of fish they think they're gonna catch?

Not my problem, I guess.

Anyway, it's Broadwing week this week. Let me know if you got room for one in your lockup. 4 slots. Cash only.

13 The bigger they are&

When you've spent so much time in the desert and little shanty towns as I have, you forget how tall everything gets in this urban sprawl. I swear my shins are shot to hell from all the dropping from great heights. If I get any shorter they're gonna start calling me Devil Pup, then that prick Darryl will have a field day. Harrdy fucking harr. Prick.

But what can you do? In this game, we gotta leap before we look sometimes. So far it's never been the drop that's been the problem, it's been aiming my damn gun afterwards. I swear one time I almost got aced that way. Good job the crim had his safety on.

Anyway I requested something to help us out. This is the result. Your shins will be fucked for sure, but you can nurse them later, once you've taken down the bad guys.

The things we do&

14 Life is weird.

I swear sometimes life deals me the strangest hands&
The other day I get this call from Mirri Kent. That's right, Darryl Kunt's uptight, but quite hot, sister. She's got this PR 'opportunity' she's been working for me.
I'm like: 'ok&'
She says, 'have you ever heard of FunFunBox?'
I'm like: 'Should I have?
'It's a Japanese animation company," she says. "They own Paper Box? You've heard of Popster Go-Go Cats, right?'
"Atomic Sister Witches - Liberty Shock Supply Team?"
"Am I living in a fucking dream?" I say. "What was that again?"
"Work with me&"
"Lady," I say "If I could, I would, but you're speaking another language here."
"Come on! You must have seen Ace Star Ponies. Right?"
"Where do you live all day, Brett?"
"The name's Devil Dog and I live on the roof of a fucking nightclub looking down the scope of a silenced sniper rifle. What's your fucking question?"
That answer rubs her up the wrong way of course, but she's tenacious. She goes on to explain all that I've been missing in the world of cartoons - honestly, what is it about me, the Kent family and Saturday morning cartoons? Anyway, she says watch an episode of Popster Go Go Cats - then go buy the comic book and some of the trading cards. I can expense it of course, but just put the effort in. I'm like 'fuck it, anything to end this conversation'.

Two neon perfused, seizure-inducing days later, and she calls me back.
"Miss Kent," I say, "are you fucking with me?"
"Not at all Bretty. Violet didn't tell you, then?"
"Tell me what?"
"About the show?"
I feel a chill go up my spine.
Turns out the Prentiss Tigers are a big deal over in Tokyo: they're copying our whole varsity style, our symbols, the whole thing. Now they want some of us to appear in a cartoon series, and lucky me, guess who they picked?
"We sent them your profile, and they loved it. The mask especially. Now they're talking about your OWN show. It's a total PR jackpot for us. We're talking inexhaustible funding if this goes our way. You'll be a rich man, Brett."
"The name's Devil Dog," I tell her. "And the mask was supposed to be ironic. It's my happy face."

But what can I do? SP's a small city. Only so long you can hide under a desk before someone starts waving doggy treats in your face. A few days later I get
this big pink parcel arriving at my house. Inside it, there's an equipment sling, and a perfectly refurbished Colby M-1922 Mk2! Oh, and a note: "Welcome to
the FunFunBox family!!! We much will have enjoyment to work with you Mr Dog!"

Somebody put me outta my misery&

What the fuck am I going to do with any of this shit, I think? Thanks a lot FunFunBox!

My apartment's kinda small, so I was hoping you'd take this gun off my hands. Not my style. AT ALL.

Oh, and mystery solved& Now we know what all the talk of tunes for me to hum was about. Violet knew about this show thing all along. Figured she'd fuck
with me about it. Guess I'll be having a theme tune made. And here's me thinking she wanted a piece of the dog!
I should be so fucking lucky.
Enjoy the gear.


15 The other day&

I don't like to pat myself on the back too much, but the other day I was in my civvies driving through Gresty when this fucking Gking asshole throws a brick through my window. I have these scars, you see. They ain't pretty. Not super-fucked-up but, y'know, noticeable to anyone looking to poke fun at the world.

Anyway this brick comes sailing through my windshield and lands on my lap. I do a fucking u turn as fast as I can and stare that asshole down. Dude's standing in the middle of the road like, "what up?" so I'm thinking of 101 ways to end him as well as the assholes that fucking birthed him when I look down at the brick. Lightbulb.

So I slam that thing on the gas and send it right back his way. I'm sitting on the road laughing my ass off, and this dude's arm is all bent backwards and he's screaming. Don't suppose he'll be throwing any bricks again.

I had this brick made especially for you. You gotta try this. It's my new favourite game.

P.S. looks like the FunFunBox thing is a go. Sigh.

16 New apartment.

So I got a bigger apartment.
Actually, I kinda bought the whole complex - I'm starting to like this whole cartoon show thing btw.
Anyways& I didn't write to brag, but there's a parking garage in the basement. I've attached the details to the mail. The 2 spaces by the champagne fountain are yours.

j/k They ain't paying me THAT much. You'll laugh when you see this building. Maybe you can come help me sweep all the piss and needles out of the foyer.
Either way, the 2 parking spaces are yours.

Catcha later buddy.

17 PT Intranet -- 3 Slot Pioneer

You need a new carrying vehicle, right? This one's the latest in Byeong's list of auction house bargains.

You reckon by the time they actually catch these assholes we'll be able to buy a private jet from them cheap? A shame they don't manufacture tropical islands. :(


18 Stay frisky

My latest order came through. Mobility Slings for all the good boys and girls. They make it harder to deploy a rifle of course, but they'll make you run and gun like no-body's business.

Got the demo of the new cartoon show coming through soon. They work hella fast out there, don't they?

Hope I don't regret this...
What am I doing?


19 First paycheck.

So I got my first payment from FunFunBox today. Now I've got a lead on a new sports car. Top of the line patriot. 3 Slot. Can't decide. They don't have many, though. Reckon I can get one for you too if you're interest. It's a beast of ride.

I'm thinking of asking Violet out on a date. I figure she's got her fair share of scars, so I'm hoping my facial injuries won't throw her off. What a pair we'd make then.

Hmm. Maybe it's a bad idea&


20 Lucky Charm

Just wanted you to know I got your back. Always.
It recently occurred to me that things started going great pretty much as soon as you turned up on the scene. I'm starting to wonder if it's not a coincidence. Don't know what you've been doing out there. Maybe you're pulling strings. Maybe you're just a lucky leprechaun or something. Anyway, whatever it is, you keep me focused on the task at hand. And we have an important job to do, don't we?

Sorry if I got carried away with the whole cartoon thing. It's been doing real well, but I'm gonna leave it there, I think. Mirri Kent's been hassling me with all sorts of 'interesting opportunities'. Told her I'm NOT interested in any of 'em.


So, it's another day on the job. Stopping bad guys. Slaying dragons. Slaying crims. Can't believe I let myself get so distracted. Thanks for setting a good example.

I'm selling off most of my goodies from FunFunBox. I'm sending a bunch your way. You totally deserve it dude. I've got plans for the rest. There's an orphanage I used to stay in when I was a kid that could do with a facelift. That's gotta be better than all the bling and glamor in the world, right?

I asked Violet out. She hasn't said 'no' yet.

Hasn't said 'yes' either.

Maybe you could put a word in?

See you around.