Violet Prentiss

Violet's CV was 100% Blood Roses standard. Privileged upbringing in The Concession. Part of Charlotte Bloodrose's rich bitch private school gang. Hangs about the Waterfront warehouse scene. Likes dressing up. Likes the thrill of being a criminal badass. Gets sucked into the whole Blood Roses vibe.

She dates Seung Bloodrose, but soon catches the eye of cousin Jeung. Jeung steps in and pulls rank, claiming Violet for himself, and adding her to his harem. Seung burns at the humiliation, another point onto the grudge score he's keeping. Violet doesn't care; a place at Jeung's side is what she was after, putting her - she hopes - on the way to displacing Charlotte in the gang hierarchy.

It never happened. Maybe Jeung just got bored with her, or maybe one of her rivals had been conspiring against her, but she found herself out of favour and passed on to Byron Bloodrose. If she thought her fall from grace wasn't over, though.

It was supposed to be routine - going for a meet-up with a Port Authority security guard who was giving them the manifest to some high-tech stuff coming through the docks. She'd take it back to Byron, who'd give his recommendations on what was worth taking, and then Tyron Sennet would arrange a buyer for the merchandise before it had even been hijacked.

What wasn't routine were the Red Rain guns waiting for them. - the Midtown outfit still looking for revenge after Jeung screwed them on the Casamajor kidnap job. The Rains opened fire - the Port Authority guy was killed immediately - and then the second surprise of the night happened. More gunfire answered the Red Rain weapons. A full squad of Blood Roses hiding nearby, waiting for her to walk into the trap and trigger the ambush. All she was to Jeung was bait.

Caught in the crossfire, Violet didn't stand a chance. A burst of rounds from Charlotte caught her - not accidentally, Violet was sure - sending her tumbling into the water. Her Kevlar corset caught the worst of the damage, but she still went under. The current washed her up - half-dead - on the beach near Prentiss. As far as the Blood Roses were concerned, though, she was dead.

So Violet Bloodrose became Violet Prentiss, unrecognisable now without her Blood Roses couture and make-up, especially when it's replaced with the more clean-cut look of the Tigers. She shares everything she knows about the Blood Roses with Orlenze' and the others, buying their trust with inside info on the Roses, and the results are already pushing the Tigers' strike rate against the Roses.

She's one of Byeong Lee's ace cards, but he likes to keep her hidden. He's got her stashed in Havalynd, looking after the limited operations that the Tigers are starting to run there, and she's under strict orders to stay away from her old Waterfront haunts and well out of sight of the Roses.

Unlocks Contact


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Balkan Varzuga Vehicles $5,000 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Swirl Claw Earring (R) Clothing $150 0
Bull-ring Piercing Clothing $350 0
Hoodie (Hood Down) Clothing $200 0
Hoodie (Hood Up) Clothing $200 0
Studded Bracelet (L) Clothing $250 0
Studded Bracelet (R) Clothing $250 0
Swirl Claw Earring (R) Clothing $150 0
Chin Stud Piercings Clothing $100 0
Stud Earring (L) Clothing $80 0
Stud Earring (R) Clothing $80 0
Hoodie (Hood Up) Clothing $200 0
Baggy Shorts Clothing $250 0
Baggy Jeans Clothing $350 0
Low-ride Studded Belt Clothing $390 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Balkan Ravan Vehicles $5,000 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"Prentiss Vintage" - All Star Kicks Clothing $70 0
"Prentiss Vintage" - All Star Hoodie Clothing $30 0
"Prentiss Vintage" - Warm-ups Clothing $25 0
"Violent by Design" - All-Star Sneakers Clothing $60 0
"Violent by Design" - Shirt Clothing $25 0
"Violent by Design" - Jeans Clothing $45 0
Pidge Cow Symbols $0 0
Ninjette Minkey Symbols $0 0
Pidge Cow Unlocks $0 0
Ninjette Minkey Unlocks $0 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Dolton Broadwing Vehicles $15,000 10

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Studded Wristband Clothing $250 0
Forearm Band (L) Clothing $290 0
Fingerless Glove (L) Clothing $80 0
Fingerless Glove (R) Clothing $80 0
Leather Bomber Jacket Clothing $4,990 0
Forehead Studs Clothing $150 0
Bull-ring Piercing Clothing $350 0
Nose Bridge Piercing Clothing $350 0
Scalp Spike Piercings Clothing $200 0
Backwards Baseball Cap Clothing $350 0
Fingerless Glove (L) Clothing $80 0
Fingerless Glove (R) Clothing $80 0
Motorcycle Jacket Clothing $2,100 0
Low-ride Multi-stud Belt Clothing $490 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Packer Ceresco Vehicles $15,000 10

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Leather Armband (R) Clothing $350 0
Outlaw Mask Clothing $0 0
Skate Shoes Clothing $350 0
Do-rag Clothing $200 0
Leather Glove (L) Clothing $350 0
Leather Glove (R) Clothing $350 0
Leather Armbands (L) Clothing $1,350 0
Nipple Piercings Clothing $650 0
Outlaw Mask Clothing $0 0
Skate Shoes Clothing $350 0
Bandana Clothing $200 0
Leather Glove (L) Clothing $250 0
Leather Glove (R) Clothing $250 0

Standing required: 1,500

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Patriot T-25 Vehicles $30,000 10
Level Activity

Hey, shug. We've got to keep the scoreboard in mind so could you get out there and complete five objectives? I don't need to see it all in one go or anything, I just need someone to meet the quota's for the day, okay?

Complete or Assist 5 objectives.

Biography: San Paro

When the first humans left their prints in the wet, white sands of Nantego Beach, they thought they had found a paradise. At the meeting of two rivers, where the Makoda subsumed itself into the shimmering span of the Nantego in its final rush to mother sea, they abandoned their journey and sank their roots in the land. A settlement quickly established itself, propelled on by an abundance of natural resources. The rich soils of the river basin supported a variety of crops. The warm winds blew across from the gulf, and from the crystal waters the fishermen reaped the treasures to feed a growing population of craftsmen and traders. And all the while the town spread its tendrils further inland, reaching out for the wider world, eager for contact. As centuries passed, the deep river channels were perfect for the ships that sailed in from all points of the compass, bringing silks and spices, pottery, cloth, wine and rare metals. San Paro became a maritime hub, a launch point for explorers, a thriving international port.

Of course, that was then.

Sirens cut through the night. The turbo whine of tuners careering headlong through the neon alleys. Uptown, the air is alive with the pepper-rattle of small-arms. The sky is clear but there are no stars, only a jaundice haze bleeding into black space. The broiling boulevards, the leviathan scrapers; a lattice of electric light stretching in every direction, obliterating heaven.

Sunrise comes, and the banks of smog roll over from Cortland Point, retched from the hundreds of chimneys which form a thorned carapace across the western edge of the tributary. On a still, hot day, the glass and concrete spires of Havalynd disappear into the grey mire; a debased Olympus, built with the blood of men and inhabited by corporate gods.

The Nantego is a great brown slug, squirming uncomfortably between the quay walls and the rotting banks. Its stench rolls over the docks and the coastal districts, permeating everything. Nothing has lived in there for thirty years.

The gunfire has subsided now. The gangs are sleeping. Only the occasional crackle and burst as the cops try to pick up the stragglers. Already, blank-eyed medics sift through the bodies. Soon the citizens will emerge, their broken sleep painted in tiny fracture lines around their eyes. They crawl in gridlock along the arterial roads, tired or scared or empty.

Welcome to San Paro.

Biography: Jane Derren (Part 1)

Mayor Jane Derren keeps a drawer in her desk locked. Sometimes, when she's alone in her office at City Hall, when San Paro's problems just seem completely insurmountable; when everyone's looking to her for answers and all she's got are questions about her own ability; when the sanest thing to do would be to run away again and leave the city and its madness behind her, she unlocks the drawer and takes out the object inside it. She carefully unwraps it and looks at it, which is all she needs to do to remind herself why she needs to keep on doing what she's doing, why someone has to be where she is to protect the good people from the monsters.

The object inside the drawer is a young girl's party dress, its years out-of-fashion ribbons and frills now stiff with dried blood. It's the dress she was wearing the day her father died.

Everyone still remembers that day. For the people of San Paro, the news of Mayor John Derren's assassination remains the city's most indelible "where were you" moment. Jane Derren isn't likely to ever forget it, either. She was standing right beside her father, at the top of the steps of City Hall where he was announcing to a public rally that he would be officially running for a third term in office, and holding his hand when Luke Waskawi stepped forward and, at close range, fired five shots into her father's chest.

She remembers her father suddenly trying to push her behind him, then the sound of the shots, then her father falling to the ground, his hand still gripping her. Then there were screams and angry shouts, and sounds of a violent struggle. She heard someone - Einehower, she knows now - shouting "Don't shoot! It's only a kid!", and first of all she thought they meant her, and she burrowed closer into her father's dying form for protection. She was still clinging onto him, not even aware of his blood soaking through her clothes, when one of his aides finally managed to prise her away to allow the paramedics to futilely try restart his heart.

She remembers it all, although she spent most of the next ten years of her life trying to forget it.

Her mother - not a native San Parian - had never really liked the city. Now she hated it. For years, she had watched it sometimes almost drain the life out of her husband as he struggled to bring its many problems under control. Now, it had finally succeeded in killing him. She moved away after her husband's death, putting half a continent between her and her daughter and San Paro. It had killed her husband, but now it wouldn't be able to kill any more Derrens.

So Jane Derren grew up far from the city of her birth, in a place where few people would always think of her as the blood-splattered young child in the famous photographs of the immediate aftermath of Derren's assassination. Her father had taken measures to ensure that his wife and child were well provided for in the event of his death, and Jane Derren's upbringing was far removed in social and geographical terms from her father's own humble San Paro roots.

The distance still couldn't keep the nightmares away, though. They came regularly. The gunshots. The screams. The memory of the failing strength in the grip of her father's hand. The sensation of his blood soaking through her dress. Her mother sent to her to a series of expensive child therapists. Jane Derren lied, and told her mother that the therapy had worked, and that the dreams had stopped. They pursued her through her teenage years, through high school, and into college, where she eventually discovered that alcohol, soft drugs and a long series of one-night stands weren't the answer to ever completely blotting them out.

Biography: Obeya Corps. Armory

Obeya (Obeya Corps. Armory (OCA))

Obeya is a government-owned munitions manufacturer developing a wide array of products used by armies and law enforcement agencies around the world. The OCA have recently opened a new headquarters in Concession in response to large orders taken from the new San Paro Vigilante groups. As part of its civil diversification program, the OCA teaches Community Policing to San Paro citizens under the auspices of the City Security Act. The OCA also works with corporate bodies, to provide security consultancy and anti-terror training. Along with other intensive courses at the OCA headquarters - some running up to four or five months - the OCA now offers a Master's degree in Community Coercion and Homeland Security, in partnership with the Metropolitan College of San Paro. For those with more extensive funds, OCA specialists can also be subcontracted to provide protection for VIPs and high-ranking individuals.

Item Category
Tag Font Set Font Sheet
Script Font Set Font Sheet
Scratch Font Set Font Sheet
Animal Emote Animal Emote
BodyPop Emote BodyPop Emote
Bored Emote Bored Emote
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Level Subject
2 Hey Honey...

Remember me? Violet? From the Tigers?

I guess you did okay on that thing I set up for you, so somebody said it's okay to keep on working with you. You need anything else, let me know - we're supposed to 'liaise', apparently,

Only, do me a favor and only get in touch if it's super-important? I got stuff to do, you know?

4 You've never met me. Remember?

Shit. Forgot to mention last time. This is REALLY important, so pay attention, okay?

No-one's supposed to know I'm here. Don't ask why, coz I'm not telling you. And don't ask anyone else, because they're not allowed to say either. Orders from that old guy in Prentiss - I'm supposed to keep a low profile here while I "integrate into the organization at a grass roots level". Yaaaawn.


PS. You people in this gang actually talk like that? Seriously? Like... wow.?

6 zzzzzzzzzz

OMG. Havalynd is sooooooooooooo boring. What do you people actually do for fun here?

A CoffeeCrib on every corner, everyone's idea of a wild time out is 2-4-1 pitcher night at For The Win, losers out in the streets in daylight still wearing Welfare Case and Urban Safari.

Shit, it's like I've died and been sent to Trasket for all eternity.

And don't ping me back and tell me I could go to Gaijin, coz I'm not allowed to show up there in case anyone from the Waterfront scene recognizes me.


8 Lifesaver.

This is going to be hard for both of us...... coz I've really got to thank you for something.

Remember those losers you wasted? All their stuff gets looked at - "captured enemy intel", apparently - and one of them had all these cellphone pictures of me, like they'd been spying on me for a while.

Pictures like that get to the wrong people and they find out I'm still alive - I am D.E.A.D.

'4real', like those G King losers say.


PS. Since I owe you, can I give you some advice? That look of yours? So not right for you.

10 Don't let anyone see this, babes.

Okay, so now I owe you some more, so here's the deal...

I used to be with the Blood Roses. (Big shock, huh?) I had this thing going with Jeung Bloodrose, only that didn't go down well with that bitch Charlotte, so she set me up to get wasted on an op that she knew was a Tigers ambush.

Only I didn't get wasted (memo to Charlotte: better luck next time, bitch!) but they still think I did. So now I'm with the Tigers, and telling them everything I know about how the Roses operate.

Payback. S.W.E.E.T.

Violet Prentiss (née Bloodrose)