Wilson LeBoyce

Poacher turned gamekeeper; an ex-gangbanger and former car-thief now recruited into the ranks of the Praetorians. LeBoyce is the product of one of Hea Choi's more controversial recruitment programs, which identified kids on the wrong side of the tracks who could still possibly be salvaged and turned into something useful. Going down on his fourth count of grand theft auto, LeBoyce was released on bail into the Praetorians' recognisance and inducted into a specialist training program. Most of his fellow inductees didn't make the grade, and were thrown back to be ground up in the machinery of the San Paro penal system. LeBoyce did, and now he's a fully paid-up protector of the city.

The Praetorians have given LeBoyce a second chance in life, and he won't hear a bad word said against them. Hell, they're even paying for him to go to college when he finishes his contract as a Praetorian. He used to steal cars; one day, he hopes, he's going to be designing them.

He still hates the SPPD - in the neighbourhood he grew up in, cops meant racist thugs and corrupt bullies - but the Praetorians are giving every kid like the kind he used to be a chance to make something of themselves, help their community, and turn their life around.

Sure, right now he's based out of Havalynd, where kids like him used to get arrested just for showing their faces at the wrong time of day on Silver Street or Shianxi, but one day not too long from now, he's going to be taking the law back into the neighbourhood where he grew up, showing the kids there that there's more to life than running with the gangs.

He still goes back to the old neighbourhood and talks to his friends there. Most of them laugh at him, and at what he's got to say. A couple of them are starting to listen. Just a couple, but maybe that's all it takes.

There are more and more guys like Wilson LeBoyce, and they all go back to their neighbourhoods and slowly spread the Praetorian gospel. Eventually, Hea Choi hopes, that's all it's going to take to hijack Justin Teng's masterplan and make the Praetorians a truly democratic alternative police force. Not ex-cops. Not ex-military. Just ordinary people, doing something to make their city a better place.



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Level Activity

You'll never progress if you don't finish missions. Finish a mission and I'll give you a reward. Doesn't matter if you win or lose, just that you finish. Now, get out of here.

Complete 1 Mission.

Biography: Fourche Bank (Part 1)

There has been some kind of fortified outpost on or near the site of Fourche Bank almost since the foundation of San Paro. Indeed, archaeological excavations conducted a few decades ago by John Holland University, and funded by the Haverall Foundation, revealed that a fortified hill village may have existed there as far back as the late Bronze Age. To the earliest San Paro colonists, the wooden-palisade fort on the hill above them must have been a comforting site, with its commanding views overlooking the approaches to the mouth of the Nantego, but also looking inwards toward the hinterland beyond the river, and the hostile tribes hiding in the dense forests there. In times of danger, whether it came from land or water, the sentry bell - now proudly on display in the foyer of the City Council building - would be rung, and the colonists would take shelter inside the fort until danger was over.

The fort at Fourche Bank has been destroyed three times in San Paro's history, twice by wartime, and the last time barely more than a century ago, when it was stormed by an angry mob of citizens looking for redress against a recently impeached corrupt mayor who had taken shelter there. By that time, the once windswept hill that the fort was built on had long been urbanised and incorporated into the growing city. In the earliest days, the homes of wealthy San Parians were clustered round the slopes of the hill, under the walls of the fort, for protection. Even after the fort had gone, the tradition continued, and the small but select residential district, with its fine views across the city and the Nantego, has always had a quiet air of genteel exclusivity about it.

When radio arrived, the Bank became the location of the city's first main radio broadcast mast, and when war came again it was once more pressed into service, but as a radar station and military communications installation, a function it continued to serve for decades afterwards. Where there was once a watchtower looking out to sea for signs of any hostile sails on the horizon, now there was a 150 feet high radio tower, capable of eavesdropping on conversations carried by the ether from half the planet away. Technological leaps forward saw the size and complexity of the Bank's array of powerful radio masts and satellite dishes increase further - the surrounding neighbourhood was quickly nicknamed 'Microwave Heights' by those who still couldn't afford to live there - and the site was already being used as the hub for San Paro's civilian communications network several years before defence cuts and the shifting strategic situation saw the end of its use by the military. As the military moved out, the SPPD moved in, a small garrison being stationed there to safeguard the site after an opportunistic attack on it by one of the city's growing-in-confidence criminal gangs caused millions of dollars of damage and blacked out a major part of San Paro's radio, TV, phone and internet communications.

As the city's crime problem escalated, it was realised that the Bank's location - elevated, central, easily defensible - made it ideal as the staging point for an elite rapid reaction force that could be scrambled in minutes and helicopter-inserted into any sudden trouble spot around the city. Extensive work was begun on the facility - barracks, an armoury, a defensive perimeter, all constructed and ready for use - but the city's crippling budget deficit and a change of policy at the SPPD saw the plan abruptly cancelled.

Mayor Derren, several years later, brought it back to life again. The City Security Act had now been passed, and new law enforcement organisations - everything from armed neighbourhood watch groups to radical ideologues and corporate-sponsored professional mercenaries - were out on the city streets now, and problems were already becoming evident. There was friction between some of the new groups - and between the SPPD and virtually all the others - and a lack of communication and coordinated planning was already threatening to hand the initiative back to the criminals. What was needed, Derren decided, was something to ensure that all the Enforcement groups were pointing their guns in the same direction and away from each other.

Biography: Han Motor Corporation

Han Motor Corporation

The Han Motor Corporation is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. Currently based in Seoul, Korea, they plan to move their headquarters to Incheon by 2013, with construction beginning in 2010. The company was formed by its current CEO, Lim Seung-chul, a wealthy industrialist, and Kwan Park, a maverick auto designer from Charge National's R&D divison. Having developed a revolutionary smelting process eight years before, Seung-chul had made a fortune from patents held in the steel industry, though bad business investments and several high-profile labour disputes had ruined the fortunes of Atland Steel, his original holding company. Struggling to rebuild his personal fortune, Seung-chul took a gamble on Kwan Park's innovative automobile designs, primarily - he freely admits - because Park had recently married his daughter. The rest is history. In 1988, Han Motors entered an alliance with Cheval R.S. of France using the partnership to increase its manufacturing and distribution base. And in 1993 the company set a first year record for selling automobiles into the American market - well over 200,000 vehicles. In the last 10 years, both quality and sales have dramatically increased and the reputation of Han Motors has gone from strength to strength.

Item Category
Threaten Emote Threaten Emote
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Subject Unlock Level
FW: Organisation Structure

Hey, what's up?

Welcome to the Praetorians kid. It's my job to shape you up so you don't end up as another statistic out on the street. I'll be forwarding you some S.O.P.s to read, so pay attention and you may just survive this.

Wilson LeB


FW: Organisation Stucture

Each of the Praetorian representatives on the street are authorized to sell you specific goods from our armories and garages. Once you work with them for long enough, they will allow you to purchase these goods from the Purchase menu of any contact.

Depending on the Operator you are working with depends on your rewards. Initially you will be training with Wilson LeBoyce, who will send you rookie kit at his discretion for no cost. Once you have completed your training, you can talk to Ty Durrant in Financial to unlock new weapons and modifications, or Eva Orlandez in Waterfront for different Vehicles. Other CSA agencies such as Prentiss Tigers will run similar systems, though we'd recommend sticking with us.

Modifiable Weapons and Equipment are available to purchase depending on performance. Taking down criminals with a specified weapon type will earn you the ability to get more advanced weapons that fall into the same category. (See the 'Roles' tab of the Character Info Screen [J] to see your current progress)

Good Luck,

Justin Teng.

Gearing up.

If you want to make a dent out there, you'll probably want to get some specialised gear. While you will survive without them, Modifications allow you to tailor your playstyle to one that you are most suited to.

To get you started, there's a Field Supplier attached to this mail. Once you've retrieved it, (click the paperclip), you can equip it by entering your inventory, going to the character tab, and double clicking on the empty character slot (or clicking once and pressing change).

Activating the Field Supplier (the default key is '5') lets you resupply ammo to yourself and nearby teammates, or even change your weapon selection. Be careful though, it takes a little while to deploy and undeploy, and you are helpless while you have it out.

Once you're done, remember to set yourself to Ready [K] again to start your next mission.

Each modification has a type, listed at the top of the description, and you can only have one modification of each type equipped at a time. The Field Supplier is an 'Activated Modification', so cannot be used at the same time as any other Activated Modification.

Shit, gotta roll on something. Catch you soon,

Wilson LeB

Being part of the team.

We don't take kindly to lone wolfs in the Praetorians. If you want to get ahead in San Paro, it's best to work as a Cohesive Unit.

When you enter Financial or Waterfront, you will be asked if you want to join a group, we recommend that you say yes. You can also look for open groups by using the Friends and Groups Menu (Press U or access it through the Escape Menu).

Stick together with your team and try not to run in alone, it'll just get you killed. This counts double for vehicles, as players not driving can hang out of the window (press any movement key) and shoot from the combat position, perfect for vehicle chases. Careful not to kill your teammates though, as it will severely reduce any rewards you receive.

Weapon loadout is important. All guns (including the STAR you are using now) have ideal situations in which they excel. When in a group, try and compliment each others loadouts with a mixture of long and short range weapons. You can change your weapons at any Joker Ammo machine, Mailbox or Contact.

Cleaning up the City.

Patrolling is an important part of any enforcer's work. When out in the city, keep an eye out for criminals performing crimes. If you catch them in the act, you can call dispatch and we'll authorise a take-down (Symbolised by a handcuff icon above their heads, along with their current worth on mouseover. Target the criminal and press the witness key, Alt by default, when you see this to trigger the call).

Once you get the authorisation to take them down, you'll be able to retrieve any stolen goods and money from them. Drop them (Kill or Arrest) and you'll be able to grab any money they have accrued but not yet laundered, and return it to the Evidence Locker. If you do this, you will be rewarded the same amount of money, multiplied by any Prestige bonus you have acquired.

If you are so inclined, you can take a non-lethal approach to cleaning up the city. To Arrest someone, first you'll need a Less Than Lethal Gun. You can purchase one from Ty Durrant or Chung Hee once you have enough standing with them. Using a less than lethal, you can stun criminals that you are fighting, then you can press action (F by Default) when adjecent. This is more risky than a standard kill, but you will received increased rewards.