Simon Tran

Simon Tran has been off the grid for a while now. He had been helping trainee Enforcers get off the ground from the Marine Support building in Waterfront. However, when more and more recruits started going to LeBoyce for their training, Simon decided to take a break from the Tigers and spend some time looking after his two sisters and kid brother, to ensure they don't end up in a gang like he did (granted a rich gang, but a gang all the same).

His peace and quiet was rudely interrupted though when Orlenz' Moretti turned up on Simon's doorstep recently and wanted to talk about a new Game Plan (Tiger talk for "mission") that he had for him. Orlenz' has been worried about an increased Criminal presence in Abington Towers, especially now that Pagan Bloodrose, one of The Three Furies, seems to be evaluating and recruiting potential gang members there. He wanted Simon to go there to keeps tabs on her and run counter missions against them - Simon refused at first because he doesn't like being out of Waterfront, however when Orlenz' presented evidence that suggested the Bloodroses are looking to mount an attack somewhere in Little Fin, Simon changed his mind.

This is simply a business trip for Simon: he's not looking to make any friends or hook them up with gear. He's only interested in stomping out a Bloodrose rebellion on his home turf before it starts - and he reckons you've got just the right size of ass kicking boots to do it.


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level.