Charlotte Bloodrose

Bonny to Jeung's Clyde, adding sex and psychotic glamour to the Blood Roses equation. Like her soul mate, Charlotte could have been anything she wanted to be. Could have been an Effigy cover model - an agency wanted her on their books, when she was still only fifteen. Could have been a singer or recording artist - had plenty of offers from bands and DJs, although Charlotte wasn't dumb enough not to sense the casting couch implicit in most of those offers. Could have been an It girl round the San Paro party circuit and the Needles club scene, although who the hell wants to spend their life hanging onto the arm of fat Havalynd financiers or some faded movie star.

Could have had anything - or anyone - she wanted, but she chose Jeung and the Blood Roses. They built the crew up around themselves, forming them in their own image - all flashy style and steely professionalism. Charlotte loves Jeung - let him carve that flower design into her shoulder all those years ago; a scar tattoo, he called it, something you can't burn away with laser treatment - but Charlotte loves money too. The combination of Jeung + money keeps her happy.

Charlotte doesn't like Tyron Sennet; he always wears last season's style of suits, and - she claims - you can still smell the stink of Montebank on him. Jeung tells her that they need him and his contacts, at least for the time being.

Charlotte really doesn't like Michael Simeone. More important, though, she just doesn't trust him. Jeung tells her that they need him, that he can handle him too, but Charlotte isn't so sure. She sits on his knee on the leather chairs in the VIP suites at Beltane and Banshee, nuzzling at his neck, whispering into his ear, talking him round to her way of thinking. She's confident that, in time, she'll get what she wants and the Blood Roses will be just her and Jeung up front in the lead again, with the whole city as their playground.

When she's not at Breakwater Marina drumming up new recruits, she's in Breakwater Marina now, representing the Blood Roses interests in the thing Luke Waskawi's trying to put together there. Michael Simeone sees real potential in what's happening at the Marina, and wants the Blood Roses there from day one. A little sex appeal and dangerous glamour, all rolled into one in the person of Charlotte, could go a long way down there, and make the Blood Roses stand out from the crowd. It wasn't easy persuading Jeung to let her go, but Simeone knew that appealing to Jeung's greed and vanity - plenty of potentially lucrative deals to be made down at the Towers, and, in a gathering of San Paro's criminal clans, the Blood Roses need to establish their credentials as the hippest and most proficient of them all - would always do the trick.

Besides, he figures to himself, it also wouldn't hurt to split the scheming little bitch up from her boyfriend for a while.


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