Wilde sells leased items that would otherwise be unattainable through progression, or offers alternative, if temporary, access to items that are only available very late in progression. She sells:







Elizabeth Wilde's an interesting one, even by the standards of a San Paro business woman. She's the daughter of one of the great captains of industry, Jonathan Wilde and stands to inherit one of the largest fortunes in the world. She's a hereditary peer in the British House of Lords and (technically) a baroness.

Back in the 1800's the Wilde family bought a small Russian metalworkers. They gave simple instructions: build the finest cannon's that can operate in the roughest terrain for the cheapest price. It was the first time that Obeya Metalwork's had created a weapon of war but it wouldn't be the last. Fast forwards two hundred years and the Wilde family and their wholly owned brand Obeya Corp. have become synonymous with arms dealing and weapon development, their headquarters now in San Paro, the city that's their biggest customer by far.

Daddy lines up a cushy job in weapons testing for his daughter - something nice and simple that shouldn't tax the poor girl too much. She gets to stand around holding the latest in personal defense weapons, put a few shots into a target and say how it feels before heading out to the clubs after stopping at the bank to cash her weekly check. Trouble is, she's always had a rebellious streak in her. Instead of sitting down, shutting up, and living off daddy's wallet for the rest of her life she's decided that she'd rather run her own company.

Hence: Wilde Designs.

Sure, dear old daddy gives her a hand-up every now and again but you'd be foolish to think she's reliant upon it. Once upon a time she managed to talk her way into a meeting with the Nekrova board of directors. They figured she'd mumble her way through the meeting and they'd probably get a nice, one-sided deal out of it. They barely realized that she'd kicked their asses up and down the room until it was too late and they'd signed a development contract with a ten year non-compete clause with her company.

So Wilde Designs is pretty much the only game in town when it comes to custom weapons. She's hired the services of some of the best designers from Birth and Ophelia Customs, head-hunted the best weapons developers from Nekrova, gets the best stock from Obeya and has one of the finest distribution deals with Joker. The only company she's not been able to get a one-sided deal with is Armas Marketplace and nobody knows what their deal is.

Occasionally she heads out onto the streets to go hunting with the Prentiss Tigers - "might as well hunt in style!" she says.

These days she can be found in the Breakwater Marina, hustling money and tickets out of customers looking to get a piece of her action...

...if a smidgeon of her class rubs off on them in the process, so much the better.



No Unlocks for this level.