Darrell "Speedball" Kayne

Speedball specializes in selling unlocks for player created content. If you're looking for the best player made vehicles, themes and outfits then look no further. To have your gear listed in Speedball's store keep an eye on the Contest and Events section of the APB Reloaded forums for contests marked with Joker Associates.

Getting out of the slums of San Paro is difficult. There're places in the city that no one really knows or cares about - places between the cracks in the sidewalk slabs, under the freeways and hidden away out of view so no one from Havalynd or Prentiss ever needs to have their eyes sullied at the sight of them. They're so dirt poor there that even the rats look at them with pity.

There's only three ways out of the slums in San Paro: You become a Criminal kingpin and start shooting at the people you grew up with, you get a CSA license and start shooting at the people you grew up with or you somehow become famous enough for you to buy your way out.

Speedball's one of the kids that managed to get out of the slums by becoming famous enough to buy his freedom. His passion was street basketball and it didn't take long for people to realize that he was pretty hot at it. A real heavy weight on the court, he played power forward, had one of the fastest Eurosteps in the San Paro Basketball League and the meanest tomahawk that anyone'd ever seen. Kid could jump from the free throw line to the basket with enough power to shatter the backboard. He wasn't even out of high school before he'd been given a contract with the Wildcats.

He dominated the SPBL for twelve years, with over six thousand rebounds and thirty one thousand points to his name. After his first season the SPBL started using shatter proof glass for its backboards and detachable rims, the astonishing speed and power of his chaos dunk. His show boating was legendary and the crowd loved him for it. Still, no one's king forever and after twelve years he retired from pro-basketball.

When he steps out of his apartment north of Silver Street and he wears a Birth logo on his jacket that's another two grand for everyone that sees him wearing it. You can't even begin to imagine the amount of money it cost Joker to have him stand in their flagship store as a spokesman.

Sure, he's retired, but he's a legend. There's always talk of a comeback too so he'll stay hot forever.