Harmon Benjamin

Arlon Benjamin's other child, and the black sheep of the Benjamin family. If Bonita Benjamin has had it easy her entire life, then Harmon had to work for what little his father has chosen to give him. Sometimes, he tells himself the old man's just trying to show him what real life's about - remind him how he rough had it on his way to the top - and trying to instil some the same values in his son that he picked up along that same hard road.

Other times, he thinks the old man's a mean-spirited cocksucker who just hates his guts and enjoys seeing him fail.

Sure, he's made mistakes - getting kicked out of college, partying a little too hard for a little too long, rehab check-ins - but that stuff's all in the past. And can anyone blame him for some of it? Look at the way the old man treats him in comparison to Little Sis.

While Little Sis was travelling round Europe, he was getting his hands dirty in the family business, hauling garbage and working in the recycling plants. While Princess Bonita was hanging out at those $10000-a-plate charity fundraisers their father organised, he was down in the Projects, working in a needle exchange clinic that those fundraisers helped pay for.

Little Sis gets the highlife part of the Benjamin family business. All he got was the garbage it's built on. But he still to prove to the old man that he's another one of his pet charity projects. The old man gave him a shot, but - as usual - it came with strings attached.

So he's been exiled to the Waterfront, away from his familiar turf in Havalynd, and the temptations of his old party-hard crowd there. But that's okay. Midtown's cool. Lots of opportunities there for a guy who knows where to go looking for them.

Little Sis is above him in the chain of command, of course, and reports directly to the old man, while he has to go through Grayson Fell. But that's okay. Harmon's used to being treated like this by the old man. Fell's a hired suit, but he's as predictable as everyone else that lines up to kiss the ass of Big Money.

A recruitment drive out into the Waterfront, that was Harmon's brief. G-Kings are a Havalynd operation, so that means having to fight to establish a foothold elsewhere. Little Sis, all she has to do is flash her ass and the new recruits from Gresty come running. She's got it easy, as usual.

Harmon's got money, and money always helps, but he's got something else that - for once - Little Sis doesn't. Something he picked up hauling garbage, and working in the recycle plants and the needle clinics, or sitting waiting in the drunk tank for the old man to finally send someone down to bail him out. He's got street smarts, and he's going to need 'em, operating lone wolf down at the Waterfront.

Everyone expects him to fail, but he's going to prove them all wrong, and then the old man's going to have to finally give him the respect he's been looking for all his life.

Unlocked By
Unlocks Contact


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 9,900

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Bullet Bracelet (R) Clothing $1,990 0
Shoulder Knife Harness Clothing $450 0
High-tech Earpiece Clothing $1,350 0
Yin-Yang Earring (L) Clothing $990 0
Yin-Yang Earring (R) Clothing $990 0
Military Cap Clothing $200 0
Gun Holster (Thigh, L) Clothing $550 0
Hunting Vest Clothing $590 0
Utility Belt Clothing $990 0
Knife Shoulder Holster Clothing $450 0
High-tech Earpiece Clothing $1,350 0
Yin-Yang Earring (L) Clothing $990 0
Yin-Yang Earring (R) Clothing $990 0
Walking Boots Clothing $450 0
Military Cap Clothing $200 0
Gun Holster (Thigh, R) Clothing $550 0
Slim Bulletproof Vest Clothing $3,000 0
Utility Belt Clothing $990 0
Colby PMG 28: TROJAN X-II Weapons $11,926 30

Standing required: 10,800

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Clotting Agent II Modifications $20,000 30
Happy Landings 2 Modifications $20,000 30

Standing required: 11,700

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
JG-842: Firecracker EX Weapons $12,496 30

Standing required: 12,600

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"Shift It" Rockaberry Belt Clothing $32 0
"Shift It" Enforce This Belt Clothing $25 0
"Shift It" Double-Bold Mask Clothing $15 0
"Shift It" NCSP Sock (L) Clothing $15 0
"Shift It" Sk8r Pryde Shoes Clothing $90 0
"Shift It" NCSP Sock (R) Clothing $15 0
"Shift It" Acid Rain Cap Clothing $90 0
"Shift It" Hoodie Clothing $50 0
"Shift It" Zoosh Retro T Clothing $25 0
"Shift It" Don't Cross Me Skirt Clothing $40 0
"Dead Eddie" Out to Stud Belt Clothing $12 0
"Dead Eddie" Do-ragged Skull Mask Clothing $166 0
"Dead Eddie" Sk8r Pryde Shoes Clothing $90 0
"Dead Eddie" Solder Soldier Bracelet Clothing $15 0
"Dead Eddie" Hoodie Clothing $50 0
"Dead Eddie" Chiro's Parlour Shirt Clothing $15 0
"Dead Eddie" Shorts Clothing $65 0
Panda Graffiti Symbols $0 0
Undead Pony Symbols $0 0
Panda Graffiti Unlocks $0 0
Undead Pony Unlocks $0 0
Colby RSA Weapons $4,126 0

Standing required: 13,500

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
N-HVR 762b "Akula V2" Weapons $12,600 30

Standing required: 14,400

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 15,300

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Obeya CR762.2 "Artic Blaze Mk-II" Weapons $12,750 30

Standing required: 16,200

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
SHAW 556 II "Wolf" Weapons $12,750 30

Standing required: 17,100

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
N-TEC 5b "KasatkaV2" Weapons $12,038 30
Level Activity

Got something nice and simple for you right now. I need you to kill 5 Enforcers with assault rifles. Nice and simple, but it keeps the balance sheet straight. Not glamorous, I know, but I get a feeling you'll enjoy it anyway.

Kill 5 enemies with an assault rifle.


Bonita gets to spend her time at dinner parties and with her flavor of the month boyfriend and I get to help out on the streets and actually doing shit that's useful. How about you make yourself useful for me? Kill 5 Enforcers with a rifle.

Kill 5 enemies with Marksman weapons.

Biography: Advertising

San Paro likes violence. It also likes sex, glamour and celebrity. Put all those things together, and you've got the still-exploding growth market of the San Paro advertising industry, where virtually anything goes. Models in ads for products as diverse as soft drinks, designer clothes, cellphones and sports cars, pose as heisters, as street gang members, as getaway drivers, as hitmen, as urban guerrillas. Criminal - or 'Urban Edge', as they prefer to euphemistically call it in the cocktail bars and private networking clubs where San Paro's ad, PR and fashion industry style-makers gather - was definitely in.

Now, the passing of the CSA and the appearance of the Enforcers on the city streets has only upped the ante, opening up a whole new demographic to be exploited; one that had previously been resistant to the use of the Urban Edge look in advertising. Vigilante Vibe/Enforcement Cool (the style-makers are still split on what to call the new phenomenon) is also in, sending san Paro's image consultants and advertising agencies into a frenzy of activity as they try to capture the new mood of the times. There was a lot of doubt and initial resistance to the idea that the Enforcement ethos would capture the imaginations (and, more importantly, the spending power) of those vital areas of the youth demographic, but the first glimpse of that now iconic Effigy cover featuring LaRocha, or of Mirri Kent's Prentiss Tigers presentation, and the opinion makers were scrambling to reverse their previous scepticism.

Enforcement Cool was now here to stay on the San Paro cultural landscape.

Since then, there's been a realignment of the city's advertising ethos, as agencies and clients - all keen to jump on one of the two style bandwagons - have had to choose which side of the Crime/Enforcement divide they want to stand on. Many choose to stay neutral (after all, everyone, Criminal and Enforcer alike, drinks soda and eats Tastyburgers) but there's money and street cred to be made in aligning your products with one faction or the other, although there's obviously problems with doing this too explicitly, in the case of the Criminal Faction. Some of the larger agencies, with access to the best legal representation, have already taken the plunge. They use middle men, and smaller sub-agencies to give them plausible deniability, but the end results are the same. They're paying wanted criminals to advertise their clients' products. Yo-Dawg was the face of Tyler Beer in their controversial 'Fully Loaded' campaign. The G-Kings' Zombie advertises XS Chill and Zoosh. The latest Bishada ad campaign featured the new-model Bishada decked out in Blood Roses colours and with Jeung & Charlotte Bloodrose posing alongside it. The Mayor's Office accused those responsible for all this of glamorizing crime and wanted felons. The agencies claimed it was a freedom of speech and artistic expression matter, and profits were more than high enough to allow them to throw enough money at the lawyers to keep the issue tied up in litigation for a long time yet.

Meanwhile, some of the smaller agencies, unable to afford that level of legal firepower, and priced out of the chase to sign up the hottest and most expensive criminal icons, have had to make do with using stand-ins and lookalikes, for which there's now something of a flourishing market. One San Paro model agency has four Charlotte Bloodrose lookalikes on its books, although the most in-demand of them was recently killed in what the SPPD are calling a case of mistaken identity assassination.

Elsewhere, some enterprising companies, avoiding the controversy of criminal celebrity, have already found their own 'mascot' characters to represent them in the public's imagination. The most well-known of these is the Tastyburger Bandit, who only robs Tastyburger outlets, only takes the burgers and never any money, and has never yet been known to use violence in any of the robberies. What was initially for Tastyburger just another unwelcome stick-up artist targeting their businesses soon became a visionary marketing opportunity when they realised that more customers were coming to their restaurants specific ally in the hope of seeing the Bandit in action - particularly with his new trick of gunpoint-ordering the staff to give out free burgers to everyone in the place - and, with some Tastyburger corporate stealth-marketing behind him, the Bandit quickly became another San Paro cult figure. (Rumours persist, however, that the original Bandit was killed while robbing a Tastyburger outlet in Trasket, shotgun-blasted to death by an over-zealous night shift manager, and that the current masked Bandit is in fact an actor hired by the company to keep the gimmick and legend alive. These rumours always elicit a strict 'no comment' from Tastyburger's press office...)

Biography: Nightlife

San Paro comes to life at night, when all the beautiful, dangerous and exotic people come out to play. They congregate together at loud and congested nightclubs along the Satori Strip, at quiet private events inside walled compounds off the quiet boulevard streets of the Concession; at exclusive and glamorous parties and launch events in the clubs around the Needles; in the latest word-of-mouth-only underground clubs held in the basements of derelict Cortland Point power stations or aircraft hangers in Silverfield; in fashionably dingy after-hours joints in Montebank catering to Downtown adventurers on slumming expeditions; at glittering charity ball events in at the Kunst Museum or the Vincenzi Opera House; at expensive and painfully modish Canalside art galleries; at Virginia Gardens rooftop soirees overlooking the Park; at flashmob parties on the San Paro metro and the lobbies of Havalynd corporate headquarters; at Waterfront warehouse clubs and the backstage areas of gig venues.

There's always a party happening someplace. Most of the time, you, I and the rest of the population of San Paro aren't invited.

Status in San Paro is all about getting on the guest list. Getting past the red rope and through the door. Getting ushered through the milling crowds of rubberneckers and past the final and most serious security checks and into the VIP lounge. Many are called, few are chosen. Celebrity is like an unbreakable plate-glass window; the mob on one side, noses pressed against the glass, watching the beautiful people pass serenely by on the other side.

The city's vast choice of clubs, bars and after-hours joints are the few places where you can get up close and personal to them. Or, at least, close enough to blog about it the next day as you share with your handful of readers the deep and meaningful connection you made with Vanessa Seindorf at the entrance to the VIP lounge at End of Daze, just before her bodyguards pushed you out of the way, or what Jada was wearing when you saw her dancing at Cacophony.

Clubs come and go, falling in and out of fashion with the passing trends and the in/out checklists in new monthly issue of Effigy. The Satori Strip, and the streets clustered around it, are one big neon constellation of club-life glamour and partied-out excess. At any one time, half the clubs on the Strip are on their way up, and the other half are on their down, and then, finally, out. Regular Strip-goers face an agony of decisions. Which clubs are the most in this month, and which of them are they most likely to get into? Some clubs are notoriously Faction-specific - Criminal Enterprise, Safari, Pax San Paro, Obsidian - while others, generally neutral, sway between one Faction and the other depending on who's winning the street wars this month. No matter which Faction you might sympathise with, you've got to (sometimes quite literally...) take care which side of the street you're on when you're on the Strip.

Then there's the question of personal safety to consider. That essential vibe of dangerous Urban Edge is always in. Hanging out with - or, at least, being in the same room as - glamorous and dangerous stars of the San Paro street wars is cool. Getting caught up in a full-on nightclub shootout between them and their rivals is considerably less fun. Although it does give you something interesting to blog about the next morning, assuming you survive the experience.

The Strip is street level. There's plenty of similar action happening away from it - new glamour enclaves, like the one now long established on the Waterfront, popping up in Virginia Gardens, Montebank, Red Hill, even out in the Yard - to catch some of the style heat now starting to dissipate away from the Strip. The side-effect of too many Faction shootouts and too many rubbernecking tourists and suburban latecomers hitting the Strip for a night out on the town in big, bad San Paro.

The Needles is definitely non-street. A string of exclusive clubs strung across the upper echelons of Havalynd's most notable cluster of skyscrapers. Executive membership buys you a personal glamour escort through the automatic weapon-toting security force deployed at ground level on club nights and a keycard to the private elevators that blast you up dozens of floors to the eternal parties in the sky. The Needles clubs are brilliantly lit up at night. Glittering palaces in the sky, clearly visible all across the city. The point, though, isn't to draw in new customers; it's to remind the rest of the city that there's always a bigger and better party going on somewhere else, and one they're not invited to.

Biography: Packer Automotive

Packer Automotive

Alvin Kelley founded Packer Automotive in 1928 from Frisco Casting and Hue-Copeland Agricultural. Initially the company controlled foundries and auto parts businesses, but began automobile manufacture for domestic consumption in 1933. Packer's road vehicles were slow starters in comparison to their agricultural equipment (such as the "Packer 8 Corn Picker", which became a byword for reliability in the American mid west). However, practical design and exemplary engineering have meant Packer vehicles have been consistently exported around the world since the 1950s. Though a consistent performer, the company does have a history of labour disputes. In 2001, Packer workers - members of United Conglomerate Workers - downed tools in dispute over wages and conditions. Packer's Silverfield plant in San Paro was hit along with the rest. The strike lasted four years; one of the longest running labour disputes in San Paro's history. With scab workers running the assembly lines, the quality of Packer's automobiles suffered and the company almost collapsed over night. However, President Lillian Mendoza's dramatic "U Plan" and a 2005 merger with the Navaho Motor Company, created a leaner and more dynamic company. Surviving to fight another day, Packer continues to create some of the world's best utility and four wheel drive vehicles, including its iconic compact pickup trucks.

Item Category
Scratch Font Set Font Sheet
OCA-626 'Whisper' PR1 Silenced SMG with more zoom
Dance80s Emote Dance80s Emote
DanceAirguitar Emote DanceAirguitar Emote
DanceBallet Emote DanceBallet Emote
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Level Subject
2 Good news and better news!


Things are looking good. Usually I get the cast-off personnel that Daddy's Little Girl's already passed up on, but I guess she made a big mistake overlooking you.

Too bad for sis, huh?

About time I got a break. Sometimes I think they sent me here just to see if I fuck things up as much as they seem to expect me to. I've messed up in the past - I'll admit that - but I'm really starting to feel things are coming together now.

Good times ahead!

Harmon B

4 Good news and bad news.


Nice work there. Good news. Appreciate it.

Now the bad news; you think you got it made now that you're in with one of the Benjamins

Sorry. You got the wrong Benjamin kid. The only offspring that matters in this family is Princess Bonita.

Don't worry, though. Kid sister's not going to get everything her way. I got my own plan for the future. You keep giving me results like this, and you might just be a part of it

Still sorting the details, but keep the faith.

Harmon B

6 Thanks for doing so well.

We must be doing something right, because we're getting more resources allocated our way. Little sis is going to be mad about that.

I was sent here to crash and burn - Black Sheep Harmon fucks things up again - but we proved them wrong.

We're not getting squeezed out by the gangs already here, and we're spreading the G name into a new market.

Don't have to come up from the streets to know there's a whole bunch of angry people out there looking to get behind something different.

As I said, glad you're along for the ride,


8 Glad you're along for the ride.

We must be doing something right, because we're getting more resources allocated our way. Little sis is going to be mad about that.

I was sent here to crash and burn - Black Sheep Harmon fucks things up again - but we proved them wrong.

We're not getting squeezed out by the gangs already here, and we're spreading the G name into a new market. ?Don't have to come up from the streets to know there's a whole bunch of angry people out there looking to get behind something different.??As I said, glad you're along for the ride,??Harmon?

10 Give 'em hell!

Hey, nice work out there. Seriously.

Been dropping your name to Grayson Fell, and we both agree you're really bringing something new to the Gs. Wish we had more like you.

Grayson's okay... for a hired mercenary business suit whose lips are never too far away from the ass of Big Money.

My dad talks big, but he still needs guys like Grayson to get things done.

Think I got this thing locked here, so thanks for your help. You ever meet up with little sis Bonita out there, tell her Harmon says hi...