Britney Bloodrose

Seindorf's a famous name in San Paro. You can pretty much see the Seindorf Building, in the downtown Financial District, from anywhere in the city. There's another reason why people know the Seindorf name, though, and it's not anything to do with tall buildings or all those bronze plaques on all those public landmarks that various generations of Seindorfs have bequeathed to the city. It's all to do with Clarissa Seindorf, who is - regrettably, from the Seindorf family's point of view - one of San Paro's most famous faces.

At present, the family are writing off Clarissa's unfortunate involvement with one of San Paro's criminal gangs as ''just one of those phases'' she goes through from time to time.

Clarissa's been through a lot of phases for someone still in her early 20s. Expelled from several expensive Virginia Gardens private schools for conduct unbecoming a young lady, she's since gone on to try her hand at 'acting' (casting couch audition tapes available for download all over SPiN), singing (not even the production skills of Suji, backed up by the best recording facilities money could buy, could coax anything listenable out of her weak vocals) and general celeb-around-town. (On that last score, fashion designer Gustav Schaow put her top of his annual San Paro's Worst Dressed list, a decision swiftly rescinded after Charlotte & Lilith Bloodrose kidnapped all three of his beloved English toy spaniel dogs and started mailing pieces of one of them back to him.)

It seemed certain she would next turn to crime, especially after Effigy magazine declared crime to be the new rock'n'roll, with a cover that month featuring a model blatantly imitating the look of Charlotte Bloodrose. Clarissa had already been part of the Blood Roses' travelling court for a while, but it wasn't until she persuaded them to take her out on a heist job with them that she realised just how high a buzz you could get from breaking the law at a level a lot higher than her previous drunk driving and minor drug busts.

As with her other phases, she threw herself wholeheartedly into this one, and her family are no doubt delighted with how fast she can strip and reload an MPG, or remotely disable a silent alarm. She's dropped out of sight on the Havalynd club scene, but only because she's hanging out at the Waterfront underground club scene. Officially, her family are putting out the word that she's travelling the world doing voluntary work for various charities, and they're expending a great deal of money and calling in a lot of favours to keep her involvement with the Blood Roses a secret from the press.

Which suits Jeung Bloodrose just fine. The Seindorf's sponsoring a news blackout on reports of Blood Roses just gives them all the more room to operate in, and helps keep the authorities off their back. To be honest, Clarissa kind of grates on his nerves, but she does have her uses to the organisation.

Unlocks Contact


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
OCA-EW 626 Weapons $3,000 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Contrast Crop Top Clothing $350 0
Crop Top Clothing $250 0
Ringer T Clothing $100 0
Two-tone Briefs Clothing $10 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
NFAS-12 Weapons $3,526 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"Birth Mask" Birth Control Sneakers Clothing $70 0
"Birth Mask" T-shirt Clothing $15 0
"Birth Mask" Shibuya Pants Clothing $25 0
"Third Angel" Spatz Sneakers Clothing $60 0
"Third Angel" T-shirt Clothing $15 0
"Third Angel" Eliza Bathory Pants Clothing $25 0
Birth Hockey Mask Symbols $0 0
Fortune Fish Symbols $0 0
Birth Hockey Mask Unlocks $0 0
Fortune Fish Unlocks $0 0
Joker RFP-9 Weapons $1,726 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Agrotech DMR-SD Weapons $3,450 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Baseball Cap Clothing $350 0
Tank Top Clothing $50 0
Warm-up Pants Clothing $150 0
A-Shirt Clothing $50 0
Warm-up Pants Clothing $150 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
OBIR Weapons $3,188 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
ALIG 762 Weapons $3,676 0

Standing required: 1,500

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Joker SR15 Carbine Weapons $2,776 0
Level Activity

Some Enforcer posers were rolling around Prentiss like they owned the place. Could you be a lamb and send a message? Kill 5 Enforcers just to send a message.

Kill 5 enemies.

R. O. A. R.
Biography: Asylum (Part 1)

Abington Towers, on a headland looking out over the Nantego River was always intended as a place of refuge and sanctuary. Built in the 1870s by Isaiah Abington, enlightened member of a long established San Paro family of wealthy mercantile traders, it was founded on the principles of Utopian Philanthropy that were in vogue at the time among the moneyed classes. The wealth of three continents flowed through the trading hub of San Paro. The city had exploded in size and population in just a few decades. Families like the Abingtons reaped the benefits of this new prosperity, but men like Isaiah Abington were mindful that not everyone was so fortunate.

The rich lived in splendour. The poor lived in squalor, and suffered from a whole gamut of health problems and social maladies. Abington's interest was mental health, and San Paro's poorer districts provided no shortage of subjects for his study. Alcoholism, drug addiction, overcrowding and cultural dislocation among the city's waves of immigrant poor all contributed to fill up the hostels and refuges he established.

Finally, sinking a considerable portion of his share of the family fortune into it, he built Abington Towers. It was to be a fortress of sanity built on the same scale and design principles as the mills and foundries that formed the basis of the Abington fortune. Raw product - the dregs of San Paro; the destitute, the insane, the dangerously violent - entered it at one end, and, over the course of months or even years, passed through a system designed to heal them in mind and body and turn them into useful members of society. They were re-educated, morally, socially, spiritually. They were attended to by physicians and psychiatrists. They were taught rudimentary work skills and, if possible, a useful trade that would find them employment when they re-entered the outside world.

It was patronising and high-minded, born from the era's zeal for improving the lot of the poor and unfortunate, whether they wanted to be improved or not. It was crude and unproven. It was, by the standards of today, brainwashing and enforced social conditioning.

And, generally, it worked. At least for a while.

The Abington fortune vanished in the great financial crashes of the 1920s. With no more funds, the foundation that Isaiah Abington had left behind to ensure the safe running of the asylum after his death was forced to turn it over to the city of San Paro. The progressive and expensive principles on which the place had been founded were abandoned almost overnight by the city authorities, and Abington Towers quickly descended to the level of a institutionalized and publically-funded snakepit. Patients were routinely abused, mentally and physically, by untrained and uncaring staff who often treated their charges as if they were living exhibits in a zoo or human freakshow. To help pay for the place's upkeep, patients were also put to work on a variety of menial tasks. Abington's vision of a place of humane and progressive psychiatric care had now become both a workhouse and prison.

It took a scandal, and the large-scale loss of life, to finally close the place down. Taking advantage of its location on the banks of the Nantego, the authorities had a wharf constructed there during wartime, to help ease the problems of wartime shipping congestion around the main waterfront area. It was soon kept busy, with ships arriving daily for loading with essential wartime supplies. To help in the loading, an unscrupulous chief warden as all too happy to hire his patients out as makeshift longshoremen, despite their complete unsuitability for the task. The resulting disaster was almost inevitable; the mishandling of volatile munitions that were being loaded aboard a freighter set off a chain of explosions that devastated the wharf and killed dozens of patients. The resulting investigation by the federal authorities uncovered the decades of criminal mismanagement of the place, and quickly brought about its closure, although no federal money was forthcoming to provide the city with a replacement for its largest mental hospital.

Most of the surviving inmates, many of them more damaged than when they entered the place, were dumped back out onto the city streets. Many of them were dangerously violent. Just about all of them were severely mentally disturbed and in need of urgent help. Left to join the city's growing army of homeless, they would create problems on the streets that would continue for decades to come.

Abington Towers lay abandoned and derelict. Ironically, some of these former inmate patients, found their way back to it within a few months of its closure. It had been a place of refuge for them before. Now it was still a sanctuary or sorts from the violent and unforgiving world of the San Paro streets.

Next to find the place was the kids that formed the vanguard of the city's underground club scene. Turning their backs on the shallow elitist glamour of the clubs in the Needles or down on Shianxi, they first moved into the derelict warehouses of the Waterfront, starting the underground rave clubs there. The scene flourished, but the vanguard started moving out and leaving it behind when criminal gangs like the Blood Roses started moving in and turning the scene into their own royal court. The vanguard moved on, looking for somewhere distinct but remote, far from the cops and the gangs.

They found what they were looking for at Abington. Even though it was built like a fortress, it was too far away from the action to make a useful base of operations for any of the main street gangs. The SPPD had it on their radar - it had long been a refuge for outcasts and fugitives - but it had been deemed low priority. There were too many other more pressing calls on Departmental resources to ever organise a full sweep of the place's labyrinth of corridors and galleries.

Soon those same spaces were stamped with the marks of its new occupants, and light and music blazed out of the Tower at night. Few outsiders noticed at first, but slowly word got out that something interesting was happening at Abington.

It was a place where you could do your own thing, free of interference from the cops, from the media, from the criminals, from the entrepreneurs and money men. Trends started there and burned themselves out over the course of a single long weekend, gone before the first blog reports of them were ever written.

Half a dozen club parties could be happening at any one time inside its spacious galleries. Headland. Psi-KO. INsanity. Trance/Send. The Snakepit. ECT. Thorazeen. Rephuge. Psycho-Tropic. They came and went faster than anyone could keep track of them. Some of flourished and moved on, exporting some of the scene happening at the Tower to the underground club night circuit back in the city. They always came back to where they started, though, and every time they did they brought new recruits with them.

Biography: STABBA-Non-lethal


STABBA is a low-profile non-lethal weapons manufacturer, working on commercialising non-lethal weapons research conducted by government departments and enforcement agencies. Much of their work revolves around taking firing-range prototypes and generating civil applications for security and law enforcement, as well as military-grade combat systems. Accidents and deaths caused by testing have plagued their development cycles, as well as negative press when weapons are deployed in the field. Pictures of Danny Bukowski - who suffocated in a 'giant glue ball' when hit with their 'foam-pack' weapon during anti-Security-Act riots in San Paro in 2008 - still haunt the company to this day. 'Bukowski Glue Ball' is currently number 17 for downloads on You'veBeenMaimed.com. The foam-pack product, developed in partnership with Somatic and the SPPD, has since been recalled.

Item Category
DanceGoth Emote DanceGoth Emote
Angry Emote Angry Emote
Animal Emote Animal Emote
BodyPop Emote BodyPop Emote
Bored Emote Bored Emote
Bow Emote Bow Emote
Brag Emote Brag Emote
Celebrate Emote Celebrate Emote
Chicken Emote Chicken Emote
Chuckle Emote Chuckle Emote
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Level Subject
2 Bit of advice for ya


Don't you just hate the Furies? Especially that psycho bitch Lillith. She thinks she's hot shit, just because she's supposed to have chopped up her parents when she was a kid. Big deal.

(Although I wish someone would chop up my parents then I wouldn't have to keep on pretending to be back in rehab. lol!)

The way you're heading, you're going to be meeting a lot more of the Roses soon. Just promise me you won't talk to Lilith, okay?



(PS. Charlotte's only friends with her because she thinks it's cool to have a psycho party pal. I know - Seung told me.)

4 Golden handshake! lol


Can I ask you a favor? Have you got clean urine? lol! Weird question, huh?

Only I've kinda got this mandatory test thing tomorrow and I've been kinda out partying hard with Charlotte and the Roses, so I totally need it otherwise it's back to the no-fun rehab clinic for poor little me.

Court orders blow just so much, don't they?

Anyway, let me know if you can help. I will so totally owe you for this!


6 Smile! :-(


Just found out I got to be Clarissa for a day and pretend to be a good little girl. Sucks, huh?

I have to dress up nice and smile for the cameras at some dumb charity thing or some dumb prize giving thing or the opening of some dumb new building, or any one of the other zillion dumb fucking things my family give out money for.

Sometimes being part of the richest family in San Paro just blows, you know?

Anyway, be back soon as bad old Britney!

Brt-nee ?

(NOT Clarissa)

8 Hey aura buddy

Hey again!

I was telling my psychic therapist about some of the cool stuff you've been doing, and he says you and me are such a powerful force because of our mutually compatible auras.

He's always so right about things. He told me not to worry last time I was in court, and then all the charges got dropped after Charlotte killed one of the witnesses. Freaky, or what!

Got a feeling he's right about this too. I'm so buying him that new Bishada he says he needs to make better contact with the dream world.


10 Careful Driving


Smashed up another new car. Oops! Told my folks I was wasted, so they'll get the family lawyers to cover it up with the traffic cops. Just hope no-one notices all the bullet holes in it!?