Byron Bloodrose

Information's out there, existing all around us, but mostly out of reach. Encrypted and classified, it's beamed out through the ether, invisible but priceless. It's hidden inside computer systems, protected by algorithmic passwords, biodata security checks and anti-hacker logic bomb booby traps, the information age's equivalent of vault doors, guards and electrified fences. San Paro is filled with information. Tax records and property deeds in City Hall. The SPPD's intelligence files and perp sheets. Cargo manifests, shipping schedules and customs intel, all held in the Waterfront's Port Authority. Havalynd is built on the stuff; bank account codes, stock records and investment fund holdings, merger agreements and legal contracts, and the whole myriad of the intensely sensitive economic intel that the corporates jealously keep to themselves.

It's all out there, and an alarming amount of it accessible for those that know where the cracks in the system are.

Byron Bloodrose is one of those who knows the places to start looking, and how to catch the information as it passes by. Sometimes all he gets is fragments of data, but sometimes just a few fragments are all you need.

Technology is one of the things that the Blood Roses are all about - using it and understanding it - but it's really Byron that does most of the backroom work here, providing intel for the gang's signature heist jobs and gathering together the often cutting-edge technology they employ in carrying those jobs out. Often he works closely with Tyron Sennet, Sennet's street contacts providing scraps of information to set Byron on the right e-intel gathering path.

Despite his relatively lowly status in the organisation - he lacks the glamour and predatory instincts that have become the Blood Roses' trademark image, and Jeung naturally likes to foster the impression that it's him who organises and oversees every facet of the heists - Byron's content with his situation and is loyal to Jeung. For now, at least. He and Jeung grew up together - like everyone else, Byron had to be content himself to living in Jeung's shadow - but Jeung has always appreciated Byron's worth to the organisation, and ensures that he's more than adequately compensated when it comes to dividing up the spoils. Byron has concerns about the Blood Roses' longevity, though, wondering if they're rising too fast, too quickly.

The Blood Roses give Jeung the chance to act like the rock star he's always secretly wanted to be, but if he's heading for a traditional rock star burnout, then Byron's determined that he's not going to take the rest of the gang down with him. Byron's worked too long and too hard, always from behind the scenes, to allow that to happen.

If the worst comes to the worst, though.....well, enough of the people that matter in the city's other criminal gangs know who's really the brains behind all those heists, so it's not as if Byron's talents would go unemployed for very long.

Unlocks Contact



No Unlocks for this level.


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
OCA-EW 626.1 "Sidewinder" Weapons $7,500 20


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Field Supplier Modifications $3,000 0
Kevlar Implants 1 Modifications $10,000 20


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
NFAS-12a "Red Star" Weapons $7,726 20


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"SkullRose" Silver Bullet Belt Clothing $22 0
"SkullRose" NoodleShock Boots Clothing $90 0
"SkullRose" Silver Studded Band Clothing $40 0
"SkullRose" Cabra Bara T-shirt Clothing $15 0
"SkullRose" Cabra Bara Jeans Clothing $70 0
"SkullRose" Forbidden Lacy Bra Clothing $15 0
"SkullRose" Forbidden Lacy Shorts Clothing $20 0
"Be Mine" Villainy Walking Boots Clothing $70 0
"Be Mine" St Peter's Earring (L) Clothing $30 0
"Be Mine" Red Light Watch Clothing $15 0
"Be Mine" Blood Rose T Clothing $15 0
"Be Mine" Villainy Shorts Clothing $40 0
"Be Mine" Villainy Boxers Clothing $20 0
Shibuya Sky Fairy Symbols $0 0
Hard Tackle "Foxy" Symbols $0 0
Shibuya Sky Fairy Unlocks $0 0
Hard Tackle "Foxy" Unlocks $0 0
S-AS PDW Weapons $3,750 0


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
DMR-SD I "Assassin 5Zero R1" Weapons $7,500 20


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Fashion Sunglasses Clothing $1,550 0
Over-the-knee Sock (L) Clothing $50 0
Over-the-knee Sock (R) Clothing $50 0
Flounced Skirt Clothing $150 0
Denim Shorts Clothing $200 0
Sport Sunglasses Clothing $2,500 0
STAR 556 I "Army Ant" Weapons $6,750 20


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
OBIR.1 "Desert Storm" Weapons $7,516 20


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
ALIG 762 "Commando 76Two R1" Weapons $7,950 20


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Alternative Unlocks $0 0
Joker SR15 Carbine: Gunrunner Weapons $7,126 20
Level Activity

Enforcers are rolling up on my shit. Get out there, pull a shotgun on them turn 4 of those fuckers into a fine red mist. Up close and personal, like.

Kill 4 enemies with your shotgun.

Item Category
None No Prize
Subject Unlock Level

Hey there.

Thanks for doing those jobs for me. The others are all so busy worrying about the latest fashions and gadgets that most of them can't be bothered with the work that gets us all those things.

Lucky for them, some of us can. Well, okay - mostly just me.

Charlotte goes clubbing, I analyze security systems. Jeung's in Effigy, I'm hacking into mainframes. The Furies are out wasting someone, I'm at home intercepting emails.

Yeah. I get all the fun stuff.

See you around,


Want a part in my new TV Show?

One good thing about my job; you get to watch the whole circus from the safety of the sidelines.

Jeung cut his cousin Seung out of the limelight, even though Seung's been in this from the beginning. Charlotte and Seung hate each other, so was Seung behind the intel leak that almost got her wasted?

And there used to be another one of the Furies - this girl Violet? Only Charlotte got jealous of her and Jeung, and all of a sudden Violet gets wasted in a Tigers ambush.

The Blood Roses: a TV soap based on the lives of the Borgias...


Keep your head down


That was some impressive stuff. Watch out, though; credit for the cool stuff tends to go elsewhere.

You've met Strega, right? The only fashion that girl should be wearing is a strait-jacket. But it was me that found her when she got kidnapped; tracked down the kidnapping gang by hacking into their comms. But when the story's told now, it's Jeung who's the hero.

Still, when the CSA types come calling, who do you think they're going to be looking for? The crims who've been on the cover of Effigy, or the guy no-one's ever heard of?



Intel report

Starting to get intel requests about you from further up. That means either the right people are noticing you and are lining you up for bigger things, or the wrong people have noticed you and are lining you up to get wasted.

Got a feeling you got nothing to worry about from Jeung and the boss, though.

Oh wait, you thought Jeung was in charge? Yeah, that's what everyone's supposed to think. Look at it this way:

If the Roses were a band, then Jeung would be lead singer. But every band's got a manager too, right?

Take care,


Congrats - and free advice

Hear you're doing well now. Congratulations. But just remember one thing:

Nothing lasts forever, especially in this city.

By my reckoning, the Roses are already beating the odds. A successful gang that deliberately courts so much publicity is eventually going to crash and burn. So get what you're looking for out of it - money, fame - and then get out before the crash happens.

That's what I'm going to do. Got plenty stashed away, new fake identities set up, and new job offers waiting on me.

No need to worry about old Byron...

Stay lucky,