Eva Orlandez

"Too many jarheads and cops'' was the end conclusion of the extensive (and expensive) focus group report that Justin Teng commissioned into public perceptions of the Praetorians. The report had a point: professionals like Saul Linklater, Miguel Estebano, Grissom and Kaspar Danko might get the job done, but they didn't exactly fit the San Paro citizens' militia image that Teng's marketing people were keen to project for the organisation. Hea Choi's presence in the senior command structure did a lot to allay people's concerns about having a private vigilante army on the city streets, but wasn't as if anyone was going to be spotting her riding shotgun in a patrol car cruising down Heston Boulevard or standing guard with an assault rifle outside San Paro Cathedral's evening service anytime soon.

What was needed, the marketing people decided, were less police and military regulation crewcuts, and more regular cits. What they got surprised everyone.

San Paro's rich college kid class are used to taking gap years from their courses, or taking time out for a year or two between graduation and the terms of their trust funds finally coming to an end. Traditionally, they spent this time bumming round Europe, finding themselves in an ashram in Goa (all major credit cards accepted) or headed off to some corner of the developing world to teach the locals how to dig a well or do HTML. International travel's not so popular right now, and most of the developing world is trying to kill each other - or anyone else that comes within range - so do-gooder college kids looking to fill those blank spots on their CVs have to find something else to do.

Much to everyone's surprise, it became fashionable for them to join up with the Praetorians. Makes sense when you think about it, though. These kids are going to be running San Paro in a generation or two's time, so all they're really doing is protecting their own future investment. Plus, with most of the major Havalynd corporations bankrolling Justin Teng's big idea, a CV showing a semester or two's tour of duty with the Praetorians isn't going to hurt any when it comes to job interviews with those same big corporations.

And, hey, when your shift's over at the end of the day you can still go partying at the latest hotspot club at the Needles. Sure can't do that in the Peace Corps.

Eva Orlandez is typical of this new wave of regular cits joining the Praetorians. Well, 'regular', if regular means growing up in a $5 million duplex apartment overlooking Central Park, and having a father who's chief legal attorney for Wilk-Pastor Media. Ask her why she joined the Praetorians and she'll give you the yearbook answer about wanting to give something back to the community, and how it's important for all San Parons to pull together and see out the current crisis. Mostly, though, she did it because it sounded like fun (and the cute guy at the recruitment office promised her that nice college girls like her don't have to do any of the actual dangerous stuff...) and because she knew it would really annoy her parents.

She likes it, though. The training was cool - the recruitment guy kinda lied; you do get shot at, but now she knows how to shoot back - and she gets to hang out with a whole bunch of people that she never would have met before ('Waitress class' people, as her mother would sneeringly call them) and see parts of the city that she barely even knew existed before. And, she has a whole collection of really cool stories to tell her friends when she meets up with them in those hotspot clubs at the Needles.

Plus - and she knows it's corny, but she thinks it anyway - you really do get to feel that you're doing something good for people, and for the city. Her tour's up the end of next month, when the college year starts again, but she's seriously thinking about re-upping for at least another semester, or dropping out and going full-time with the Praetorians, at least for a year or two.

Her parents are going to freak, but she's pretty sure that's what she wants to do.

Unlocks Contact


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 750

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Turtleneck Minidress Clothing $650 0
Backless Halter Dress Clothing $550 0
Dollar Earring (L) Clothing $850 0
A-Line Skirt Clothing $200 0
Buttoned Blouse Clothing $150 0
Blouse Clothing $250 0
Dollar Earring (L) Clothing $850 0
Dollar Earring (R) Clothing $850 0
Shirt (Buttoned) Clothing $250 0
Shirt Clothing $250 0
Shirt (Popped Collar) Clothing $250 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Macchina Cosenza Vehicles $5,000 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"Player" Sneaks Clothing $55 0
"Player" Shirt Clothing $25 0
"Player" Camo Combats Clothing $40 0
"Inside Out" Tough Boots Clothing $115 0
"Inside Out" Camo Top Clothing $10 0
"Inside Out" Combats Clothing $70 0
Acid Rain Symbols $0 0
Shadow Strike Spray Symbols $0 0
Acid Rain Unlocks $0 0
Shadow Strike Spray Unlocks $0 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Han Veo Vehicles $5,000 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Sequined Halter Dress Clothing $650 0
Pyramid Stud Earring (L) Clothing $80 0
Pyramid Stud Earring (R) Clothing $80 0
Turtleneck Clothing $450 0
Lacy Boyshorts Clothing $1,390 0
Adhesive Bra Clothing $350 0
Lace Bra Clothing $990 0
Strapless Bra Clothing $450 0
Swirl Stocking (L) Clothing $490 0
Swirl Stocking (R) Clothing $490 0
Lace Thong Clothing $650 0
Brogues Clothing $500 0
Chinos Clothing $200 0

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Charge Sentinel Vehicles $15,000 10

Standing required: 750

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Two-tone Ballet Flats Clothing $350 0
Blazer Clothing $990 0
Suit Trousers Clothing $250 0
Tie Clothing $150 0
Tie (Loosened) Clothing $450 0
Suit Jacket Clothing $990 0
Suit Jacket (Casual) Clothing $790 0
Suit Jacket (Buttoned) Clothing $990 0
Suit Trousers Clothing $450 0

Standing required: 1,500

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Dolton Montane Vehicles $15,000 10
Level Activity

Criminals think that there is honor to be found in hiding behind armor plated vehicles. Destroy three enemy vehicles and show them not to hide. Prevent them from being able to flee like the rats they are.

Blow up 3 enemy vehicles.

Biography: San Paro

When the first humans left their prints in the wet, white sands of Nantego Beach, they thought they had found a paradise. At the meeting of two rivers, where the Makoda subsumed itself into the shimmering span of the Nantego in its final rush to mother sea, they abandoned their journey and sank their roots in the land. A settlement quickly established itself, propelled on by an abundance of natural resources. The rich soils of the river basin supported a variety of crops. The warm winds blew across from the gulf, and from the crystal waters the fishermen reaped the treasures to feed a growing population of craftsmen and traders. And all the while the town spread its tendrils further inland, reaching out for the wider world, eager for contact. As centuries passed, the deep river channels were perfect for the ships that sailed in from all points of the compass, bringing silks and spices, pottery, cloth, wine and rare metals. San Paro became a maritime hub, a launch point for explorers, a thriving international port.

Of course, that was then.

Sirens cut through the night. The turbo whine of tuners careering headlong through the neon alleys. Uptown, the air is alive with the pepper-rattle of small-arms. The sky is clear but there are no stars, only a jaundice haze bleeding into black space. The broiling boulevards, the leviathan scrapers; a lattice of electric light stretching in every direction, obliterating heaven.

Sunrise comes, and the banks of smog roll over from Cortland Point, retched from the hundreds of chimneys which form a thorned carapace across the western edge of the tributary. On a still, hot day, the glass and concrete spires of Havalynd disappear into the grey mire; a debased Olympus, built with the blood of men and inhabited by corporate gods.

The Nantego is a great brown slug, squirming uncomfortably between the quay walls and the rotting banks. Its stench rolls over the docks and the coastal districts, permeating everything. Nothing has lived in there for thirty years.

The gunfire has subsided now. The gangs are sleeping. Only the occasional crackle and burst as the cops try to pick up the stragglers. Already, blank-eyed medics sift through the bodies. Soon the citizens will emerge, their broken sleep painted in tiny fracture lines around their eyes. They crawl in gridlock along the arterial roads, tired or scared or empty.

Welcome to San Paro.

Biography: Luke Waskawi (Part 1)

Vincent Waskawi, a Polish immigrant, arrived in San Paro thirty five years ago. He married Martha Waskawi, who worked as a maid for a family in Virginia Gardens. Their only child, Luke Waskawi, would change San Paro forever before his sixteenth birthday.

Vincent Waskawi made an immediate impression on everyone who met him; a strong, capable and warm-hearted man who believed absolutely that San Paro could still be a land of opportunity for all those that came to it with something to offer it. What Vincent Waskawi had to offer were the same ideals he installed from an early age in his son, Luke - a belief in hard work, honesty, decency and a duty to look after your family and those less fortunate than yourself.

Waskawi Senior worked in the Dyler power plant in Cortland Point, just one of the many poor immigrants who toiled there every day, to satisfy the city's ever-growing demands for energy. It was tiring and undeniably menial work, but it was still work, and Vincent Waskawi wasn't afraid of the long hours and backbreaking labour the job required. As he often told his young son, he and his co-workers were providing the energy that kept San Paro running. Power is the lifeblood of the city, providing energy to the city's offices and factories. Power keeps people in work, keeps people safe at night on well-lit streets, keeps the city's subways running, keeps people safe in their homes.

San Paro needed power to stay alive, and someone had to be the source of that power. It was a lesson the young Luke Waskawi would never forget, although almost certainly in a way his father never intended.

Vincent Waskawi's personal and intellectual - he was bright, albeit self-educated - qualities soon got him noticed, and his popularity with his co-workers eventually took him into union management at the plant. If the power plant owners thought that an uneducated immigrant labourer would be easy to manipulate, they were badly mistaken. Vincent Waskawi brought both his characteristic work ethic and a fiery natural intelligence into trying to get a better deal for his co-workers.

The union job provided enough extra money to allow the Waskawi family to move into one of the better blue collar neighbourhoods in Cortland Point. There, he gradually became an unofficial community leader of sorts; friends and neighbours seeking him out to ask him to informally intercede in local disputes. Waskawi's growing reputation for straightforward and honest dealing, both in the neighbourhood and in union business at the power plant, brought him into contact with various local political, religious and business interests in Cortland Point. It also brought him into the orbit of another undeniably important local interest group; the criminal underworld.

Luke Waskawi still remembers the quiet-voiced, dangerous-faced men who stopped to pay their respects to his father on the street, and he remembers the way his father's hand - perhaps unconsciously - protectively tightened its grip on his own as he stood and exchanged pleasantries with known thieves and murderers. Soon, some of these men were coming to the house, wanting to talk to Vincent Waskawi about, they said, matters of mutual interest. The Dyler power plant was a vital part of the local economy, not just in Cortland Point, but in San Paro as a whole. A union-sanctioned strike at the plant meant costly power blackouts throughout the city, something which the city council and most especially San Paro's big business interests were extremely keen to avoid. One or more San Paro's mobster fraternities had longstanding arrangements with Vincent's union organiser predecessor regarding the ability to ferment instant labour problems at the power plant. They now very much wanted to continue those same arrangements with the power plant's new union organiser.

The men who came to Vincent Waskawi's door were not fools. They knew a man like him - that rarest of all things, an apparently sincerely honest man - could not be bribed, and they doubted he could be easily intimidated. Like Waskawi, their lack of formal education did not imply a lack of intelligence, and they had a genius for finding and targeting individual human weakness. Vincent Waskawi's friends and neighbours looked on him as their unofficial protector against forces larger than themselves. Violent gang-related crime was on the rise all over San Paro. The gangsters at Vincent Waskawi's door simply pointed out that it was in their power to place the neighbourhood under their personal protection, guaranteeing that its common street crime problems would disappear almost overnight. Vincent's young son and the children of those same friends and neighbours could safely play out in the streets, and neither would they grow up to become sidewalk soldiers for any of those same gangs.

Vincent Waskawi told his son how to deal with such men; give them the respect they demand, but give them as little else as possible in way of concessions and compromises, and give them nothing at all of yourself, otherwise they would own you forever. Vincent prevaricated while the mobsters waited on his decision, but they were not patient men, and when they encounter an obstacle they cannot move, they simply find another way round it. If Waskawi could not be swayed, then lesser men could, and it wasn't long before other union organisers at the plant were doing what Vincent would not.

Biography: Obeya Corps. Armory

Obeya (Obeya Corps. Armory (OCA))

Obeya is a government-owned munitions manufacturer developing a wide array of products used by armies and law enforcement agencies around the world. The OCA have recently opened a new headquarters in Concession in response to large orders taken from the new San Paro Vigilante groups. As part of its civil diversification program, the OCA teaches Community Policing to San Paro citizens under the auspices of the City Security Act. The OCA also works with corporate bodies, to provide security consultancy and anti-terror training. Along with other intensive courses at the OCA headquarters - some running up to four or five months - the OCA now offers a Master's degree in Community Coercion and Homeland Security, in partnership with the Metropolitan College of San Paro. For those with more extensive funds, OCA specialists can also be subcontracted to provide protection for VIPs and high-ranking individuals.

Item Category
Tag Font Set Font Sheet
Animal Emote Animal Emote
BodyPop Emote BodyPop Emote
Bored Emote Bored Emote
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Level Subject
2 Hey there.


Just a quick FYI to say thanks for doing this. Too many people just want to watch this stuff on TV and not enough of them want to do anything about it. We're just lucky Jane Derren came along to change things when she did.

Shit, you believe that I'd be in college right now or on some lame year-off trip round Europe if I hadn't heard her speak at that election rally? Weird, huh? :-)

Eva Orlandez

4 Join the Mayor Derren fanclub! ;-)

Hi there,

Wow, am I glad you're on our side! What you did - that was pretty awesome. It just shows what those of us who care about this city can do, thanks to the CSA and Mayor Derren putting power back in the hands of the people.

I know - I'm such a Derrenwhore... Everyone says so. I just can't help it! I just wish more people understood what she's all about. Especially my mom + dad... :-( Same with us - you hear way too much garbage talked about the Praetorians, especially in the media.

Keep up the good work,

Eva Orlandez

6 You ok?

Glad you're okay. I heard a report you were wounded in action on that last job - probably just more media bullshit.

Talking of media bullshit, you ever see the crap they put out about us on Channel 211 in Progress, especially from that Terri Quan? She went undercover with the G-Kings, don't you know?

Yeah, like the smug bitch doesn't mention it like every twenty seconds she's on air?

I swear, if I didn't know better, you'd almost think she was some kinda Crim gang sympathizer...

Looking forward to working with you again!

Eva :-)

8 Go Praetorians!


Did you see Justin Teng on TV last night? What a cool guy - he really wiped the floor in the crime debate with that @hole from Rev magazine. Go Praetorians!

Hitting the clubs with some friends tonight. It still freaks them out that I signed up with the Ps, but I guess they're coming round to the idea now. Winning hearts and minds, just like JT says in his memos to us troops.

See you around,

Eva :-)

10 OMG!!!!


I'm so totally freaked out! My dad was reading the report in the SP Standard on that op I sent you on and guess what? He said it sounded like we had the right idea.

Thanks to you, even my mom + dad are coming round to the idea of the CSA and me being in the Praetorians!

Seriously, you won't believe what a major deal this is. Of course, they'll probably go postal when they found out I broke into my college fund to get the money for you, but you have totally TOTALLY earned it.

I'm definitely signing up for another year with the Ps now!

Your No. 1 fan,