Heat Levels


Level Description Reward Multiplier
0 At Notoriety Level Zero, you're pretty good at keeping a low profile. Stay under the radar and Enforcers won't oppose you. 0.5
1 At Notoriety Level One, you should be able to move about San Paro relatively unmolested. Enforcers won't oppose you unless they directly witness you committing a crime. 0.9
2 At Notoriety Level Two, Enforcers might be sent out against you if you break the law. 1.0
3 At Notoriety Level Three, you're on the radar of the Enforcers and are likely to be opposed. 1.25
4 At Notoriety Level Four, expect regular harrassment from local Enforcers. 1.5
5 At Notoriety Level Five, the whole city is out after you, and there's a major price on your head. Beware of Crims and 'Forcers alike trying to collect that bounty. 2.0


Level Description Reward Multiplier
0 At Prestige Level Zero, you're almost as bad as the Criminals. 0.1
1 At Prestige Level One, your effectiveness as an Enforcer is under question. 0.9
2 At Prestige Level Two, you are a middle-of-the-road Enforcer. 1.0
3 At Prestige Level Three, people respect your skills as an Enforcer. 1.5
4 At Prestige Level Four, you're feared by Criminals all over San Paro. 1.75
5 At Prestige Level Five, there is a major price on your head. Watch out for Criminals looking to collect that bounty! 2.0