Faction: Criminal

Min Group Size: 2

Max Group Size: 2

Stage 1

480 seconds
Targets: 3
Type: Vehicle Looting

Owner Briefing

A weapons shipment of ours came under Enforcer scrutiny, so our smugglers split the cache between different vehicle dead drops. Break in to these vans and recover the stash.

Dispatch Briefing

An arms shipment we were tracking just arrived in San Paro - now two gangs are fighting over the guns. Stop gang members from breaking in to vehicles holding the weapons.

Stage 2

300 seconds
Targets: 1
Type: Delivery

Owner Briefing

Good job. Drop the shipment back at the hideout for processing. I can't wait to get my hands on a first generation CR 7.62. Then we'll see who's boss!

Dispatch Briefing

That weapons shipment is on its way to a secure distribution point. Prevent the gang members from dropping off their haul. We can't let weapons of that quality hit the streets.

Stage 3

300 seconds
Targets: 0
Type: Take Over Deathmatch

Owner Briefing

Looks like you've stirred up a hornet's nest getting those weapons back. Kill the assholes chasing you,

Dispatch Briefing

That arms shipment is beyond our reach now, but we can still hurt the punks who made off with it! Kill or arrest as many gang members as you can. Make an example of them.