Faction: Criminal

Min Group Size: 2

Max Group Size: 2

Stage 1

480 seconds
Targets: 3
Type: Burglary

Owner Briefing

Select players have got early copies of the new Battle Kaiser IV game. It's so popular that people will pay big money for it. Break into these properties and steal the advance copies.

Dispatch Briefing

The Battle Kaiser tournament champions have received preview copies of Super Battle Kaiser IV. Desperate gamers plan to steal those copies, so protect the champions' properties from burglary.

Stage 2

300 seconds
Targets: 1
Type: Delivery

Owner Briefing

All right! Bring those advance copies of Battle Kaiser to our drop-off. We'll sell two - and keep one for ourselves; some of our crew play that series at tournaments.

Dispatch Briefing

Those gamers ran off with the Super Battle Kaiser IV preview copies. Prevent delivery of the stolen games to the drop-off. Battle Kaiser III was ok, but fans are hyped for the new stuff in Super.

Stage 3

420 seconds
Targets: 1
Type: Moving Target

Owner Briefing

Rabid Battle Kaiser fans have agreed to pay us an extortionate amount for those two advance copies. They've left the money nearby - pick it up and keep it away from anyone trying to take it.

Dispatch Briefing

It looks like some major money changed hands over those Super Battle Kaiser IV preview copies. The dead drop for the payment is nearby - grab it and keep it out of the thieves' hands.