The infection has become more potent. An extra level has been added that gifts a new weapon, the Agrotech Close Engagement System.

Earned by Killing other players with the Colby .45 AP. If you have not been infected yet, you can find the Colby .45AP on the Armas Marketplace or in the Joker Distribution Store.


Actions required: 25

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Patient Zero Unlocks $ 0

Actions required: 26


The San Paro Health Authority would like to advise all residents of San Paro that the recent infection spreading amongst the community has mutated into a new form. This new strain is far more virulent than the previous version and infected individuals are finding themselves in possession of the Agrotech Close Engagement System, or ACES for short.

We're currently researching a cure for this Mutation but suggest in the meantime that you continue as you would do normally. Kill members of the opposite faction with the attached ACES to help us research the mutation.

Thank you and Good Health.

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Agrotech ACES Weapons $ 0