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Hi everyone,


During this week's upcoming maintenance, we will be migrating all of the Nekrova characters to Citadel due to the shrinking population on the Nekrova world.

Effective, Wednesday, March 6th, Nekrova players will need to log into Citadel for their merged characters.


Unfortunately Innova gave out or steeply discounted many items before they shutdown, and we have no records of purchases with Innova.

With that in mind we cannot migrate any existing inventory as those items don't match what are on Citadel.

We cannot migrate any symbols, and we cannot migrate over APB$ or Joker Tickets.


For the accounts coming over here is the plan:

- All premium time will be unaffected and remain the same

- Characters will be created from scratch using the same customizations as existing Nekrova characters

- Character names will come across except where there is a conflict

- Character progression will be copied across

- Progression items will be awarded to the characters

- Permanent account-bound Nekrova ARMAS purchases will be restored

- Permanent character-bound Nekrova ARMAS purchases will be restored (if character still exists)

- Any temporary weapons on the characters within the last 30 days will be restored

- Joker Mystery Box purchases will be re-delivered as unopened JMBs


To the players on Nekrova, I know that many players will lose items in this shift.

We looked for ways to try and migrate more, but the results always created problems on Citadel.

We hope this will at least give you an opportunity to pick up progression and play on more populated servers.




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