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Hi all,


My team has been working hard on solutions for how to merge Nekrova properly. After the last post and the player responses, we decided to take another look at options.


The largest issue is that Reloaded / Little Orbit never got any purchase records from Innova. There is no way to verify anything on the Nekrova characters, and towards the end many items were practically given away alongside widespread abuse by GMs giving players APB$, Joker Tickets.


For the record, I have personally reached out to Innova to obtain these records, and they have not responded.


So here is the new plan:


  • With the exception of a handful of accounts which were boosted above the normal amount, your APB$ and JT will be coming across with your characters. 
  • For those specific accounts, the ones we are removing APB$ and JT from, we will also not be bringing over their titles. All other accounts/characters get their titles brought across.
  • Legendaries that are from Joker Boxes will be brought across with the character they are currently on as long as they are those exact weapons. This does not include any items that are limited by a lease time. These items will also be trade locked.
  • Created symbols, themes, songs will be brought over. For symbols, there is a very small number of primitives that are not coming across. If your custom symbol was created using one of those, then the symbol will be missing that part of the symbol.
  • Most preset Symbols and Themes will be brought over but there are some that will not, as they are not currently available on Citadel.
  • When it comes to ARMAS purchases, we will be redelivering all Account and Character bound items that were bought from Nekrova.
  • We will be sending Joker Boxes to the character they were purchased on. If that character no longer exists, they will be delivered to the oldest character on the account.
  • Any item purchased from Nekrova that has a lease time will be redelivered with the current lease time intact except for trial weapons, those will not be brought over.


Unfortunately, that leaves 2 major categories of items that we wont be migrating over:


  • The first is ARMAS items purchased through Innova. Nekrova ARMAS purchases can simply be redelievered, because of the existing purchase history. But since none of that was supplied by Innova, we can’t use this method for those purchases. 
  • The second is anything else on the character from trading with other players.


We have looked at trying to handle these two cases. Aside from the legitimacy issues with purchases, the complexity of mapping each item across isn’t feasible.


It is our hope to complete this migration before the launch of RIOT, so that our Nekrova players can enjoy the new content with more populated servers.




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