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31 minutes ago, Jasminee said:

Why support 4game (Innove) says that they provided data on purchases in Armas, and you say that no, who to believe? Of course, I understand that you are trying to migrate, but this is not what the Russian players are waiting for, since most of the players have invested not a small amount in the game. The player is not so important new content that will be released in the near future, and it is important to purchase (buy) them on Innova.

Hi there,


I’m not sure why Innova would say that.


We have the character database with inventory which includes the items that a player purchased. That data was used to do the original Nekrova migration.


But Innova has not provided the actual payment records that show how much players paid for their ARMAS items.


At this point, we have invested lots of time into this effort, and we need to move on.