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Hi all,


Let me be clear - this is not about greed.

If it was, we would simply turn off Nekrova and move on.

The vast majority of active Russian players have accounts on Citadel with significant progression already.


For context, the database for Nekrova was highly customized to support the Innova items during the original migration. It does not match 1:1 with the database for Citadel.

APB is very complex game. Each usable item is made up of smaller underying components that control its customization and behavior.

There are 70,000 of these under lying components that make up all the ARMAS and regular in-game items such as guns, cars, clothing, mods, etc.


Each item that we choose to migrate over has to be manually checked and mapped across from the Nekrova database to Citadel to make sure the underlying components all transfer.


We are committed to migrating and checking all the Legendaries, because we understand the importance of guns to the Innova players.


But migrating all character inventory would be filled with problems and potentially damage Citadel.

Additionally, we don't have the staff to properly complete a migration of that size before the end of the year.

Instead we chose to have Citadel re-deliver all the Nekrova ARMAS purchases that are stored in the Nekrova database.

This insures that all the underlying components come across correctly.