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35 minutes ago, Pinkl123 said:

It's very simple 1: 1 for each item that you want to select, give the players a different one. As for me, it is better to give a little more than take away everything.

I realize it sounds simple, but in reality, that is not the case.

I have previously stated there are too many items to handle on a 1:1 basis - literally thousands of items and even more components that make up those items. Each item would need a manually selected alternate on Citadel in order to be migrated, and then it would require 1:1 testing to make sure we don't break Citadel. We're looking at thousands of man hours and months of time.


We are migrating APB$, JTs, and everything that we have proper payment records for on Nekrova.

We are redelivering all Nekrova purchased JMBs.

We are manually migrating the Legendaries.
I understand your frustration, but that is hardly "taking away everything".

Also, one last note for context:

We have been losing money on Nekrova since we took over in May 2018.

There is a minimum server footprint of about 20 servers to support an APB world.
We are about to launch RIOT, which will require more servers per world.

It is not feasible as a business to continue supporting the monthly cost for less than 30 player peak concurrency.


Ultimately there is no way to position this migration positively to the Russian players. They spent money with a company who shutdown the game. G1 inherited the Innova problem, and now we're inheriting G1's problem. Due to the way Innova handled itself at the end, they have made it impossible for us to properly support these Russian players. As I said earlier, I have personally tried to reach out to Innova in an attempt to get more data from them. Their main site is up: and their 4 games site is up: But I have not gotten a response.


I wish there was a better way, but we are now at the point where we have to make a change so the game can move forward, and the complexity of the situation limits what we can do.