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44 minutes ago, Acornie said:

The only rewards for this event are titles? I mean hey, I'm grateful for an event no matter what it is, I just... only titles?


39 minutes ago, Yood said:

Lixil can I get more information about the rules of the seasonal event ? your post carries little useful information .




for those who misunderstand the question .  there is General information about the future event . before the start there are about 6 -8 hours . detailed rules of no ! what is the procedure and the number of eggs leads you to obtain new titles ?

Like the last year you will still be able to get the seasonal clothes, only thing changed is the titles. My apologies, it should have been on the post.

Here is more information regarding the event, I can not give more details then this sadly.

You need to find and mug bunnies and chickens that are walking around the city to steal their eggs. Bunnies carry 1 egg each, and chickens carry 5 eggs.

If other players have eggs, you may also mug them to steal all the eggs they are carrying, or kill them instead to steal half of their eggs.

You may deliver any eggs you are carrying to contacts, which will prevent them from being stolen and award you additional delivered eggs as follows:

1st Delivery: Eggs carried multiplied by 5x
2nd Delivery: Eggs carried multiplied by 3x
3rd Delivery: Eggs carried multiplied by 2x
Any further deliveries: You deliver only the number of eggs you are carrying.

To help you find worthy targets for your hunt, the following markers will be displayed:

Chickens are displayed on the map, they show on-screen directional indicators, and are also visible on the radar.
Players carrying the 20% highest number of eggs will show on-screen directional indicators and are visible on the radar.

The Easter Egg Hunt is a free-for-all event, with no teams or factions.

Each game lasts 20 minutes.

After mugging another player you will receive a speed boost and become invulnerable for a short time, allowing you to make a quick escape. This is indicated by a ring of floating eggs appearing around your character.

While invulnerable you will not be allowed to use any weapons, and the effect will be cancelled if you enter a vehicle or activate certain character mods.

Other players cannot interfere while you are mugging someone.

While you’re carrying the top 20% number of eggs in the district you will not be able to return to the lobby, so be sure to drop your eggs off at a contact first before heading out.