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3 hours ago, CookiePuss said:

This is actually a very good point.

We are currently operating under conflicting rulesets.

On the on hand as Saxtus points out, any editing of game files is clearly stated as being against the rules.

Without even getting into custom configs, even the Advanced Launcher does this.

I've no idea why the official rules haven't been amended to match the new stance of Little Orbit, nor do I know why we cant seem to get concrete answers as to exactly what IS and ISN'T allowed as far as file edits go. Its done nothing but further divide our tiny little community and well... that sucks.


3.5 can't come soon enough.

This is fair criticism. 


The plan is to revisit the ToS and EULA prior to launching 3.5, so that we can provide the concrete ruleset that the community is looking for.

We're close enough now that I didn't see the point in amending the rules and then amending them again once the engine upgrade comes out.

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