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Hi everyone,


I just checked with the team, and it looks like all players who logged in within the last 60 days should now have 2 weeks of Premium added to their account.

This includes players on all worlds, on PC, XB1, and PS4.


Several players asked me why this took so long, and why we didn't just issue a code like last time.

I would have preferred to issue a code, because it's much easier to do, but console players can't redeem them.

There was one other way, but it would have involved waiting till Wednesday's patch to implement.


The easiest way to check for Premium is to log into the APB Marketplace here:


If you logged in during the last 60 days, but for some reason your account didn't get the compensation, please open a Support ticket, and we will do our best to escalate getting it out to you.




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