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21 minutes ago, Lelouche said:

I'm curious about this too as it said for All players. My buddy who hasn't been on for months got his but i still haven't gotten it ?


48 minutes ago, SpeedyCat said:

What is with Players who havent logged in for more than 60 days on theyr accounts?

Because you sayd that every player will get the compensation:


I only ask about curiousity, it confused me a bit. ?

Before somebody think something wrong....: “No, i dont need Premium, i have around 3k days.“ and atm i am happy with that. ?

Thx & greetz,


My original intention had been to award Premium to everyone.


However once we figured out that we couldn't release a code due to problems with consoles players, that meant we had individually award the Premium.

Even doing this programmatically took an obscene amount of time. So at that point, I had to change the plan and limit the compensation to just players who have logged in within 60 days.