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This month I spent some time to walk through Mission #2 and the process for building it.


Mission #2 - The War Summit


Cutscene #1 - The Secret Chamber


We step into the secret chamber to find that all four delegates from the most powerful areas in Lasfaria have arrived and the meeting is already in progress. The Queen of Alionne looks frustrated. Things aren't going well. An argument has broken out between the delegate of Jelamond, a small country to the north and home to the School of Divine, and Lethanor, a territory currently under Alionne control on the border of Saxtel and home to the School of Mana.


Sirena attempts to interrupt with her important scientific findings, but they ignore her. 


Brienze, the Horned former Emperor and delegate from Saxtel, slams his fist on the table to gain everyone’s attention. “The soil has claimed enough of our tribes.” 


Suddenly, a loud metallic bang spooks everyone. Their secret location has been compromised. 


The player rushes outside alongside Sirena and Brienze and are surprised by attacking bots and sinister Saxtel units that have invaded the city. Brienze quickly denies any connection with the attacking Saxtel units and jumps into the fray to protect the delegates.


Do you trust him?








End of Mission #2.