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Hello everyone,


On Thursday, July 4th we will be hosting a small 'get together' where you'll get to meet some of the game masters and staff in a bit of an atypical setting. The task will be to try and kill the GMs and staff while they are equipped with various developer modifications (also infamously known as Devlar). The GMs may shoot back, or may just run around you and make you dizzy. 


Every player who gets lucky enough to kill a GM or a staff member will receive a special title ('Firecracker' in golden color) - the titles will be given next Thursday. You will also have a chance to win one of the following: 500 G1C and gold weapon skin, 500 G1C and premium time, 100 G1C and 3d glasses and 5-day premium.


As previously stated the event will happen on July 4th. The location will be announced on the forums on the day of the event, so keep an eye out. The event is expected to last around 2 hours each.



The times are as following:
Citadel - 9 AM PT
Jericho - 4 PM PT



See you in the streets of San Paro!


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