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Hi everyone,


Jericho Outage


Just a quick note to let you know that we are currently experienced a network outage with our provider that is affecting Jericho. 
It is not a DDoS, and we are still investigating with them.


New RIOT Changes


We aren't putting a lot of focus on RIOT, but we did solicit feedback from the community, and I wanted to follow through on that with a significant number of changes to the mode based on that feedback.


To be clear, if RIOT isn't your thing, I totally understand.


New RIOT Weapon Skin Reward


As part of the patch, we added more tiers and new skin. I recognize this isn't super compelling. I do feel like the Joker Ticket rewards are fairly valuable given the growing selection of permanent weapons in the Joker Store.


Just to be upfront, there are going to be three Japanese skins in total for RIOT. Yakuza. Dragon. Coy. They were all finished some time ago, and we decided to save them so we could give RIOT players something while we finished off the Engine Upgrade.


These are just meant to be fun rewards for those players that want them. You don't need to chase them if you don't want to. All three skins will be going onto ARMAS in a pack or possibly the Joker Store at a later date. 

Bad Math on tiers 6-10 of RIOT


Here is a quick note from LORider, one of our designers on a mistake with the new Tiers.


"Some of you have mentioned in great detail the issues regarding RIOT’s progression. Admittedly I did not take into account the time requirement for queues when finalizing the progression for the new tiers and as such the requirement to progress requires more time then intended. We are working on some back end changes that will more closely simulate a single queue system which will reduce the time required but until then I want to course correct on the pain of the wait times. In the next patch I will be lowering the contact threshold for levels 6-10 from a requirement of +17500 contact experience to +12500 contact experience instead. Any experience gained will be kept and reflected properly when we make this change. I am happy to receive feedback and hope to respond swiftly when able."




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