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4 hours ago, CrystalStarfire said:

this would be really usefull if the disrict or fightclub is empty,

When you login, or any time later if you want a district, fightclub or expecially riot and its empty, you can set to join que, and when people start entering or enough people have flagged it you would get a message saying something like - we have enough people requesting a riot match to start one, would you still like to join? and if enough say yes then it automatically teleports you to the district.


for the fight clubs it would be like set for whatever the minimum number of players are for each side, maybe with a few others.  - so often i know people wanting to join fightclub but seeing it dead dont, causing it to never be active for days.


these would let a person still commit to visit social or wander the districts doing whatever till the district they want to persue contect in is inactive, and allow for them to quickly open when their are interested people around instead of just never being active

This is something we are looking at, but it requires Phasing in the Engine Upgrade.


On a side note we did discover a fairly big bug that only occurs in low pop situations in RIOT that basically abandons players who are waiting for a match. The team is working on a fix now.