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Hi all,


If you haven't seen the news, Microsoft and Sony will be requiring us to disclose the drop rates for loot boxes.


Previously Joker Mystery Boxes had a legendary drop rate of .5% (1 in 200).

However when we launched the New Glory, I wanted to make the drop rate more common, so we increased the rate to .8% (1 in 125).


Effective today, I am making the decision to standardize the legendary drop rate across all JMBs to 1% (1 in 100) across all platforms.

We will also be following Microsoft and Sony's guidelines to  be posting that information publicly for all players to read before they purchase them.


Now before I get flooded with messages asking for refunds, please understand that we can't do that. This is just one more way that we are attempting to reduce abusive monetization practices. We have already improved the G1C currency exchange, lowered pricing on ARMAS, and more recently added 80+ guns to the Joker Store so that players can now get permanent guns with Joker Tickets. I appreciate all the players that purchased JMBs over the years.