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6 hours ago, Neko_Ninja said:

Matt Scott decided to take from us all the items bought on 4game but he did not think that his 5,000 G1 is not even 1/10 of the amount I spent. I provided a file in which there are all purchases on 4game from the very beginning but did not receive a clear and understandable answer why they will take everything from me! For me, Matt Scott is a thief.

You are welcome to believe what you want. Nothing I say will convince you otherwise.


However, I had a very public exchange with 4Game, when I told the Russian APB community that I had reached out many times and been ignored.  4Game initially accused me of lying, and then had to retract that statement when I produced all of the emails and attempts to reach them.


From there, I continued to work with them and ask for the financial records until they finally rejected my request. I was told it had been too long and those records are now missing and cannot be restored off any backups.


As I have said in the past, I know this is an imperfect solution. The Nekrova server population is too small to properly support the game.


Our current solution gives away a total of 22 million dollars in G1C to Russian players in an effort to try and help as best as we can. This is the best I can do without the financial data.