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1 hour ago, Neko_Ninja said:

I'm glad you answered. I would like to receive a comment about the fact that Innova claims that you have all the necessary data. I sent a request and got an answer. File. I sent it to your support team. All purchases are indicated there, both in APB Reloaded and in other projects that Innova has. Some of you are definitely lying. And the file that I now have proof of this.

There was some confusion with 4Games initially, because they claimed they had sent all the data. I pointed out we have character and account data, but not financial data.


This took a couple messages back and forth to clarify what I was looking for, but once I explained that I am looking for all the financial transactions for each account, they denied my request.


I cannot explain why you were able to get these transactions. They told me the data does not exist and that their IT group could not restore it from a backup.