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Hi all,


I’ve been stuck in meetings at Gamescom, so I haven’t been able to weigh in much on the first round of RPF/OCA changes. We did take the time to rethink our strategy, and this new round hopefully addresses some of your feedback.


Test A Is the simplest and most direct set of changes that moves the RFP back to shorter range secondary.


Test B still significantly reduces the range but has a bit more risk vs reward gameplay.


I recognize that based on the stats we shared, the last round was easy for players to spot our misfire.


The lack of specific stats was not intended to upset anyone or force testing. This is just something we want to try this time because we all know that stats on paper can appear vastly different than actual in-game feel. Perhaps these notes were too vague, and we can work on finding a middle ground, but I want to reduce the amount of discussion from players who weighed in simply based on the stats but without getting into a district.