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Hello everyone,


We are starting some new weapon tests this week and we want to explain the changes to Low Yield Grenades (LYGs) that we’ll be testing. We decided to focus each of the LYGs changes on one specific aspect: Each district variant has had its Health damage, Hard damage, and Stamina damage decreased. Hard damage and Stamina damage changes are the same in each district and we are focusing mainly on size of the explosion and amount of Health damage done.



For Test District A:

These LYGs are designed to be used in a more accurate fashion compared to live. The amount of Health damage has been reduced slightly compared to live, and requires a more accurate throw as we have reduced the size of the explosion. We’ve also decreased the radius of the maximum damage.


For Test District B:

This variant focus more on using the LYGs for area control as they do less Health damage than Test A but are the same size explosion as on live. We also wanted to add in a slight amount of counter-play, so we are increasing the fuse timer by 1 second.


Some other changes that we are making concern the OBIR and FFA. In both districts these guns will both now prevent you from weapon swapping while the re-fire or burst fire timers are active.

We also wanted to update you on the weapons that have previously been in the Test districts: The RFP changes that we are comfortable with and are moving into the next phase of testing are the changes from Test District B. This change will be put into both Test District A and Test District B. The RFP-SD will have the same base stats as the RFP. We are also moving the changes we made to the OCA from Test District B into both test districts as well.



Health Damage: 133 -> 110

Magazine Capacity: 21 -> 24

Ammo Pool Capacity: 105 -> 120

Radius at 10m: 10 -> 20

Min Damage Range: 25m -> 15m

Marksmanship Modifier: 0.64 -> 0.32



Fire interval from 0.092 to 0.098 seconds

Accuracy Recovery from 5.675 to 5.25