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More updates were given during the Q&A earlier this month regarding the console updates. 

Here's an extract from the transcript, that specifically refers to console updates:


On 9/10/2019 at 12:36 PM, Kevkof said:

I should also give a nod to our console players who have been more than gracious and patient with us, those guys have been dealing with really absolutely abysmal performance and so we've got both the Xbox and PS4 in QA with our console publisher. We've been in submission twice now, we've got them kicked back with crash bugs so we're going through a round of fixed and are hoping to get them back into submission next week. This is just part of the process where the game hasn't been updated in so long that there are lots of little things that have changed standards wise with both Microsoft and Sony that we've had to fix and adjust. I'm hopeful, trust me guys, we're pushing through as fast as we can. I'm actually really excited about some of the rendering changes to both the PS4 and Xbox One we've managed to improve the performance there significantly, so I'm hopeful those players will be happier as soon as we can get a version live.