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Hi all,


First, this week we are going to push the older weapon balance changes to LIVE.

We aren't done yet. We will be updating Prototype districts with new changes for other weapon categories soon.


In making this post and reviewing all the changes, it appears we pushed RSA and ACT 44 changes to Prototype Districts, but the stat changes got missed in our patch notes. I recognize players might have missed these, but since they are very minor buffs, I have approved for them to go live as well.


For the patch this week, we will be including the following changes:


Low Yields:

Explosion Radius 700 -> 550

Health Damage 575 -> 515

Stamina Damage 365 -> 295

Hard Damage 435 -> 376



Fire interval from 0.092 to 0.098 seconds,

Accuracy Recovery from 5.675 to 5.25


RFP (applies to the base stats of RFP variants):

Health Damage: 133 -> 110

Magazine Capacity: 21 -> 24

Ammo Pool Capacity: 105 -> 120

Radius at 10m: 10 -> 20

Min Damage Range: 25m -> 15m

Marksmanship Modifier: 0.64 -> 0.32



Decrease Marksman Modifier from 0.63 to 0.55



Decrease Marksman Modifier from 0.50 to 0.40



I want to thank the players who participated with feedback and iterations.


Second, I want to discuss the Joker RFP-9 "Fang".


The base Joker RFP-9 is designed to be a close to medium ranged weapon, mimicking the OBIR in design while being held back in range.


However we have noticed that the 'Fang' variety of the Joker RFP-9 is currently dominating both medium and long range, due to the Improved Rifling 3 modification. The blooming of the Joker RFP-9 makes the drawback of Improved Rifling largely insignificant, leaving the gun in a very overpowered state. As a result, a lot of guns designed specifically for long range sit in the Fang's shadow. It has become the go-to secondary weapon for anyone playing a close range primary.

If all of that wasn't bad enough, this gun is only available behind a paywall, which makes it purely pay to win. We have been making a strong effort to balance the P2W aspects of the game, and unfortunately the Fang is one of those outliers that needs to be addressed.


For the record, I really hate changing a gun that people have paid for, even though I recognize we have already been forced to do this. Just know that we take it seriously.

I would love to see the new Colby RSA and ACT 44 come back into the spotlight for long range secondary weapon engagements. In order to do this it is important to alter the Fang so that it is no longer dominant without breaking the base gun, which also just went through a lot of re-balance. We do not wish to change how the gun is played, but rather fine tune its role.


With all of that in mind, I'm going to go on record saying that IR3 on the Fang sits at the heart of the problem we are seeing. It is simply a bad design decision.

It's worth mentioning that we can't do mod changes in the Prototype Districts, because unlike stat changes, we can't change mods per district.


The recommendation from design is to swap the Fang's mod from Improved Rifling 3 to Hunting Sight 3.


Improved Rifling 3 increases the range while also increasing bloom gain.

Hunting Sight 3 greatly improves accuracy in marksmanship mode.


We can always tweak the base RFP once the mod is changed.


But since we can't test this change without actually pushing it live, let's discuss it here.