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Hi everyone,


The entire team has been crunching for September on the Engine Upgrade (including me), so I haven't had much time to blog lately.

However, I have seen a lot of requests for updates, so I thought I would try something a little different.


As I said on the latest Q&A, we're done merging all the content and code. We are just fixing bugs now.


So below I'm going to list the exact bugs that we need to fix before we do the public OTW test.

You'll notice we're not quite at the stage of fixing actual gameplay or collision issues yet.

I'll try updating this thread each Friday to clear or add bugs as we move forward.


All platform issues:


  • Performance benchmarks - We've made a ton of changes recently, so we need all new benchmarks. From our earlier work, we feel the game is running well in terms of multithreaded rendering. The render threads are out performing the game thread. So all of our latest optimizations have been surrounding ways to improve core game logic.
    • STATUS: Ongoing


  • Various disconnect crashes - This only happens in "final" builds that we release to players. There is a crash in the game whenever you get disconnected from a server for any reason. This causes the client to flag itself for a full file repair, which is very annoying for testers.
    • STATUS: In progress


  • Level of Detail issue - This was extremely noticeable in the video that got released. Buildings popping in horribly. Trees disappearing. Etc. Turns out there was a tremendous amount of custom code in Live used to dynamically morph between various building LODs and to support individually lit windows at night. Reloaded tossed all this original code because none of it was supported under Unreal 3.5, and they just adopted the stock LOD system. Obviously this left many bugs. The team was able to pull in all the code we needed from the old engine and combine it with the new Unreal 3.5 LOD system.
    • STATUS: Mostly fixed / Window lights on LOD0 at night don't work in "final" builds for players


  • Texture streaming bug - Even though this isn't a crash bug, it has been our #1 issue. Texture streaming is a unique system RTW wrote to prioritize textures based on various methods, so that when the player's machine or console runs out of texture memory, the game can downrez textures that aren't used very much (or aren't very noticable). This is a lot harder than it sounds, and there are many different methods used (texture size rendered to the screen, distance from the furthest object using the texture, special flags for signage and other highly detailed textures, etc). For the most part, this is working MUCH better now. The game looks amazing. There are a bunch of signs in the districts that need to get special texture streaming flags, and in some cases we see oddball textures get downrezzed that shouldn't.
    • STATUS: Mostly fixed


  • NPC / Living city character lighting issues - This was very weird. We started noticing that sometimes many of the pedestrians were heavily under lit with a weird orange lighting that didn't match the scene. We've been chasing this for a bit, and found that the code for reflective lights was broken. The team was able to determine that reflective light values were being initialized based on whatever main direction light was active (or inactive) in the scene when they loaded into the district. This is being fixed so that we can control the reflective light values from our Time of Day data.
    • STATUS: In progress / Mostly fixed

image (15).png


  • Character customization saving is broken - There's a database change necessary in our external SPCT testing environment. The next push should fix it.
    • STATUS: In progress


  • Color Lookup Table grading is broken - This is a general post processing feature in Unreal where artists can apply color LUT files to modify the look of the scene. Right now, we're seeing some high thresholding / banding when LUTs are used. 
    • STATUS: Removed so the artifact doesn't show up / Awaiting dev resource

image (14).png


  • Time of Day color values are broken - The lighting model for Unreal 3.5 is completely different than Unreal 3.0. As such, all of the values used to handle colors, depth of field, bloom, etc for midnight, dawn, noon, evening and night time need to be polished up.
    • STATUS: In progress


  • Streetlamps in Financial - It looks like an artist at Reloaded swapped all the spotlights to point lights for any lighting that comes from streetlamps in the district. In order to create the light halo on the sidewalk, they had to make the radius quite large. This means when the streetlamp is next to a building there is a bright patch where the light is affecting the wall. The team went back through and swapped back in the spotlights, but we have a bug in the prefab that needs our Financial map rebuilt.
    • STATUS: Fixed but 2nd issue needs fixing


  • Building feature LOD issue - We have a visual artifact because the rendering of mission features on buildings is not synced to the building LOD code. This means that for a small period of time we sometimes see holes in buildings where the features should be.
    • STATUS: Awaiting dev resource



We have submitted two console builds, and gotten kicked back for defects.

Right now we're 94% compliant with the necessary checks that both Microsoft and Sony require to approve a title.


Xbox One: 21 total must fix bugs (hightlights below)

  • Title terminates on disconnecting the network cable anywhere in the title
  • Null Characters are displayed on launching the title in any supported language other than English
  • Background art and MAP fails to render on Xbox One X kit
  • Title terminates on launching the tile in an Xbox One X kit 
  • The title crashes on suspending the title during the splash screen
  • Title crashes in keeping the console idle for more than 20 minutes on the Music player
  • Game Event limitation popup is displayed during gameplay 
  • SpaceBar is displayed for jump in Tutorial during gameplay
  • Unnecessary Resolution option is displayed in Video Options
  • Title crashes on adding friends from inside the game
  • Title displays a black screen for more than 12 seconds right after the initial splash screen
  • Title displays unnecessary button call out during gameplay
  • Title allows the muted user to communicate through text during online gameplay
  • Title allows the blocked user to send Group Invite
  • User is unable to dismiss the interact menu by pressing B button after interacting with another user
  • Title randomly crashes during normal gameplay
  • The achievement 'Olympic Contender' fails to unlock on meeting its criteria
  • User is unable to scroll thorough the description using RS in descriptions 
  • Title does not provide an option to invite another user to the game


PlayStation 4: 12 total must fix bugs (highlights below)

  • The term 'Sony Entertainment Network account' is displayed in the title screen
  • Application provides 'Resolution' setting in the 'Video' tab
  • Application soft locks upon selecting a user from the ‘Search’ tab of 'GROUP & FRIENDS'
  • Gameplay - Incorrect naming convention is displayed in ‘Tutorial’
  • Incomplete online ID is displayed in the ‘Friends’ tab in ‘GROUP & FRIENDS’
  • Application fails to transition to a mode which supports play together
  • User B fails to join the User A's session using 'Join' feature
  • Application crashes on exploding a bunch of cars during gameplay
  • Application incorrectly displays the SIE-specified text in the ToS
  • Gameplay - Incorrect naming convention is displayed in 'Drive the vehicle 500 meters' tutorial



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