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7 hours ago, Kitty Yekaterina said:

Same happened for giving out double-b harness, @MattScott  you said you gonna fix the double b shotguns into an X angle as double b contact got, but now for a week and more nobody is mentioning it anymore. It wouldn't have happened if someone simply took 30 seconds of paying attention to details,  to login financial and literally copy pasted double b harness into armas.  I am having a feeling that somebody regarded for clothes, is often making mistakes due to hastiness.

Same for the useless knife fix - (aka removal) on left shoulder while having katana...really no point of having pocket knife with 2 meters long katana...

These changes have been made for the male harnesses. Just waiting on the female harnesses. We were very conservative about the angle of the shotguns for other reasons. The new angled version requires a different rig to make sure we avoid as much clipping as possible.