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2 hours ago, TzickyT said:

Im fine with u recruiting new gm’s but first of all what happened to all other gm’s that actually joined this program before. I see no one of those gm’s or is there somewhere that we can see who is stil a gm or not?

I don't believe that there's an overview of us but we are still around! Albeit we are less in numbers than we were previously.


4 hours ago, Hexerin said:

What's the point of hiring GMs if you don't take action on reports anyways?

We certainly take actions on reports that are relevant to game masters. Plenty of people assume that we can deal with private account matters, but those cases are much better handled by the support team.

It's also worth noting that we will never notify you with the result of your report, so it might appear as if we don't react.


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