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8 minutes ago, Drastical91 said:

then why is there actaully videos of him on YouTube, And proof of him being banned, for unlimited time, Yet hes walking between the crowd of active players tho, Second people investigated it, and saw the actaully transaction going on between The previous devs and flaws itself.

All bans placed under FairFight were reversed in 2018. Unbans did not come at a cost.

You can read all of the details on the old blog here:


9 minutes ago, Drastical91 said:

Not to mention the By pass of edit configs are being supported by devs aswel. as an exuse to make the game run smoother and stable, (Instead of allowing the engine run on more cores then just a single one (Wich was easy to fix)  so i wouldn't be suprice if the rumor was actaully an fact.

These issues are being addressed with the engine upgrade. How that is related to your original statements goes beyond me, but feel free to privately message me and we can discuss ?