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Hi everyone,


First, for those who haven't seen my announcement from last night, Little Orbit is now requiring all our staff to work remotely to insure their safety and prevent the spread of coronavirus.


Next, we spent a portion of the week organizing for this move, but we were able to solve the bad character shadows and lighting issues.

This has been a major blocker, and it allowed us to rebuild the lighting for each district.

The results are already 100% better - even without any actual lighting changes from the art team.


However, on Friday my team was finally able to get a 100% reproducible scenario to fix a memory crash that has been plaguing us. The old code was 32-bit, and the new code is supposed to be 64-bit across the board, but there are many tiny exceptions that need fixing to provide overall stability. Unfortunately that means the game isn't in a runnable state right now.


Once we get this issue fixed and a new Beta build is released internally, I'll post some shots at various times of day and in some of the other districts so you can see the difference.




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