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Community Manager

Hey everybody,


Right now it seems like every day brings something new, and it looks like we are going to be in this for the long-haul. So we put our heads together to see what we could do right now to come together as a community and help make being stuck at home a little less painful. We reached out to our GMs, and this weekend they have volunteered to run extra mini-games for you all to enjoy.


On Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd they will be randomly putting up instances of Gun Game on Jericho and Citadel in either the Bronze or Gold districts.


If you haven't played Gun Game before, this is a minigame where meeting a specific condition (number of kills, a high enough kill-steak, etc) will unlock the next weapon for you to use. There are various flavors, from Pistols to Explosives, and we will be cycling through them as we run these minigames. We are hoping this will be a fun way to earn some extra Joker Tickets during our March Event and help us all relax a little when we need it the most.


Stay safe, everyone. 

? Sakebee