Admin / Mod Tracker - APB:Db



Hi all,


It appears that being told to stay home has inspired many players to check out or come back to APB.

We saw a massive amount of new and old players join the game this week which has led to much higher player populations on the servers.

We also saw a fairly large influx of new tickets asking for access to get back into accounts and other things with a spike on Monday and Tuesday. 


Along side that, my team transitioned to working remotely due to coronavirus which meant several days of getting setup and moving computers around.


However, I am very proud of our CS team. They hunkered down and powered through tickets - despite all the setbacks.


As of today we have:

148 new tickets

298 total tickets


And most impressively, we are now (for real this time) responding to tickets from 3/16, which means we are getting back to players in 4 days.

This is the lowest we have ever been.


Please stay safe and enjoy the extra mini-game events with our GMs this weekend.