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Hi everyone,


We had a great week with the Engine Upgrade with one notable problem that I'm going to talk about first.


Due to juggling things around, we inadvertently exposed the new Beta client, and one adventurous player got a copy and was able to get in. I'm not going to block the screenshots on the forum, and he later contacted me to reveal how he did it, so we have fixed the issue.

Many players sometimes assume we aren't working on this or that the Engine Upgrade will come out in 2025. And while I want to discourage other players from digging through our systems to find stuff like this, I have chosen to leave this post up simply to show that what we're doing is real.


Now that the Beta client has leaked, there are a couple things that I should cover:

  • We are only working on lighting and 8 remaining bugs at this point unless anything new comes up (which has tended to happen on this game a lot)
  • The Beta is going to be limited to only Social and Asylum districts. APB is a massive game, and rather than continuing to grind through every possible problem in the hopes of some perfect launch, I have chosen to focus the team on a couple districts so we could polish those and let players in to test sooner.
  • I'm very happy with the system performance in Asylum. During this week's tests, I heard a lot of positive feedback on how that district felt to play.

The plan had been to release the Beta client 1 week ahead of when servers will be opened to give the players a chance to download it. Then we were going to do an initial test for a single weekend, where we open up the servers for a limited time. There has been very little testing done with a lot of players on the same district, so we want to see how the APB 2.1 servers handle everything.


However, with our recent influx of players, we don't have the server capacity to host a lot of beta testers. I'm already working on a solution. As soon as we can host more than 500 players on this environment, then I'll get the gears turning.