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Hey everybody,


Our GMs have graciously volunteered to run a new batch of Gun Games this weekend, including some of the new variants we added in our latest patch! 


They will put up instances of Gun Game on Jericho and Citadel in Bronze and Gold districts at the following times:



Saturday/Sunday 1 PM UTC

Saturday/Sunday 4 PM UTC

Saturday/Sunday 7 PM UTC



Saturday/Sunday 11 PM UTC

Sunday/Monday 3 AM UTC


If you haven't played Gun Game before, this is a minigame where meeting a specific condition (number of kills, a high enough kill-steak, etc) will unlock the next weapon for you to use. There are various flavors, from Pistols to Explosives, and we will be cycling through them as we run these minigames. We are hoping this will be a fun way to earn some extra Joker Tickets as we stay indoors and help us all relax a little when we need it the most.


Stay safe, everyone. 

? Sakebee