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Hi everyone,


I didn't quite make Monday, but this was a lot to organize. I probably wont be able to post this level of detail in the future.


These stats are admittedly a little disappointing. I know many of the testers complained about latency issues on APB 2.1.

We're looking to what happened there, but the stats also show that OTW2 didn't perform across the board like last time.

It is also important to know that we ran the most complicated customizations that we could, and we still have hitches when new players are entering the district and their customizations are being baked.

With so many players versus the 5/8 that could be affecting the stats as well.


Regardless, here are the numbers:



5 testers performed lower on APB 2.1 than APB 1.20. And 6 testers from 5/8 weren't able to make it this time. I left their entries blank.

We do have more lower spec machines this time, and everyone is running Maximum in APB 1.20 and Very High in APB 2.1.

You can definitely see how much raw processing speed affects APB 1.20.

The biggest gains for us in APB 2.1 are tied to having more cores.

I might be missing some over clocking data for a few of these, which might explain some of the oddball discrepancies.


Like I mentioned on Saturday, we had about 10 crashes. They all turned out to be related to the same thing, and we believe we have a fix for that now.
We'll spend the next couple days chasing down the rest of the issues, continuing to multi thread new bits of the game, and fixing the hitch when baking customizations.


We plan on running another test on Friday 5/22, and this time we'll try to make sure the APB 2.1 server is running better.