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Hi everyone,

This update isn't going to be very long.


We finished a number of fixes last week, and ran another playtest.
We knew there was a potential issue with the test district server that popped up on our 5/15 test, so this time we staged a backup district server.

We were right and the same issue popped up, but switching to the backup failed because our provider didn't open up the right access, so it was useless.

Frustratingly, we still haven't gotten a decent run without crashes on APB 2.1. 
However, the devs were still able to do a few profiles and capture more areas that we can look at for optimizations.


Right now, the most common question I get asked is "When will the Beta launch?"


I can't answer that yet, but I can share the remaining tasks/bugs blocking the release:

  • A crash bug that has already been fixed (we hope)
  • A bug on the server related to performance (this has been blocking our last two play tests)
  • A bug related to the crash reporter that is stopping it from working all the time. (this is critical for getting good data from the Beta)
  • A client fix related to fixing hitches every time a new player loads into the district (this is the client taking a hit to generate the customizations for the new character)
  • A backend task related to copying the Live characters to Beta the first time the player logs in

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, and stay safe.