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Hi everyone,

I'm going to be posting early this week.

Hopefully everyone knows we're running the first Open Beta test tomorrow, Saturday, June 27th at 11am PDT to 2pm PDT.

I expect this test will be a mess. That's why we're only running it for 3 hours. That should give us enough data to work with, while also giving a lot of players the chance to log in.

The Known Issues are here: 


Please be patient with us, and know that some systems just wont be able to get in right now.
That includes systems that don't support AVX. We'll do a comparison build with AVX turned off to try and see if this optimization is worth it. You also wont be able to run 1024x768. This is something we inherited from Reloaded. They increased the minimum resolution for console and changed several UIs. It will be a pretty big task to undo those changes. And lastly, if you're running Win 7 or Win 8, you might experience more input lag than Win 10 players in Fullscreen Windowed mode. I highly recommend upgrading to Win 10 if possible. There are many optimizations that help gamers.


These are all areas we will continue to look at as development moves forward.

For this week, I thought I would share some of the Fullscreen Windowed work we did, and how we evaluated our progress.

Several testers and several developers ran benchmarks in Asylum to get apples to apples comparions.
Here is a sample of what those looked like.

1) This is what my machine looks like on Live with Fullscreen Exclusive mode. 





Couple key stats to point out:

  • FPS average of 149.5 with some stuttering 0.23% of the time
  • Input latency ranging from 18.2 to 24.9
  • No dropped frames


Here was our first set of benchmarks for the APB 2.1 Beta right after we put in Fullscreen Windowed Mode.




By comparison, this is mostly a mess:

  • FPS is the bright spot with 237.1 average but 1.26% stutters
  • Input latency was between 34.9 and 39.2 which is nearly double FSE in Live
  • And dropped frames.. lots of dropped frames (25.2%)





Finally here is is my last capture against the Beta build for Saturday:

  • 241.7 FPS which is solid and 0.5% stutters, but not the big spikes like in Live
  • Input latency is actually slightly better than FSE on Live at 16.1 to 20.3
  • No dropped frames

The testers were great about helping us work through this.


NOTE: We still have some work to do here. If you run at a lower resolution than your desktop, you will introduce the kind of performance from the earlier Beta build.

If you want to run the game at a lower resolution, change your desktop resolution and then match it in game.

Crossing my fingers for tomorrow.