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Hi everyone,

Today I had to make a tough call. Both yesterday and today, our internal network had massive problems causing long outages at a time which prevent staff from making a lot of progress on their work. This includes Customer Support, Quality Assurance, and Development. We had a number of last minute bugs we wanted to address that might have made tomorrow a bit smoother, but only one of them got addressed.

The Open Beta final build has been released.

Everyone should try to patch now.

Against my better judgment, I'm sticking with tomorrow's 11am to 2pm test, because I said we'd do it. So we're doing it.

I don't recommend anyone stream this build. There are bound to be lots of problems. It just isn't the build I had hoped for.


Please also check the Known Issues here:


Lastly, we will be doing more of these as regularly as we can.



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