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Community Manager

Hey everyone,


Depending on where you live, you may still be on covid lockdown. For others, your area may be slowly opening up. Regardless, we are in this for the long-haul, and our support for our community is similarly steadfast. We are continuing free premium for everyone through the end of August. Stay safe, practice social distancing, and use a mask if you need to venture out doors.


We continue to get support tickets regarding this free grant. Before you submit a ticket, please read the following:


  • For those of you who didn't have premium already - yay! You should be all set.
  • For those of you who had premium before, there is currently a display issue where it looks like your premium is counting down. Please don't worry! We are aware of the issue, and there is no need for you to submit a support ticket. Your premium will be automatically extended for the length of the free premium period. You are not losing any time or missing out. 
  • If you have a reoccurring subscription and find yourself needing to tighten your belts as we remain on lock down, we understand. You will need to end your subscription manually. As above, you will get the automatic premium extension equal to the duration of this event and you will not lose any of your paid time.


We hope this answers any questions you might have.


Bee safe!


? Sakebee