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Hi all,


Today's CS update will be a bit different.


First, I want to announce that this will be the last CS update.


I started this thread back on June 1st 2018 as a way to provide transparency to the players on CS wait times. Since then I have posted weekly, whether the numbers were good or bad.

All along, I have known we were terribly far behind, so my personal goal has always been to get our response times down to reasonable level.


During the last 18 months, we've seen the problem skyrocket and then drop and then go back up and start to come down.


In my opinion, two problems have contributed to this:

  1. The APB support tools are very complex and require lots of training before a CS agent can efficiently deal with tickets.
  2. The game had a bad history of copy/paste responses that sometimes weren't related to the ticket, so I set the lofty (and somewhat naive goal) of not using copy/paste responses.
  3. I simply underestimated the head count needed in CS. Once we got behind, we couldn't hire fast enough to dig our way out.

To be clear, Customer Support is nearly always a thankless job. If we do well, the player moves on. If we don't solve their problem, then my staff take horrible amounts of abuse.


Trust me, the CS staff are regular people. They are here because they like games, they want to keep APB fun, and they want to help.

We will never be perfect, but we definitely put in lots of time to try and get things right.


Second, for the first time since we took over, we are at 0 new tickets.


Obviously that will change in 1 minute when a new ticket comes through. But right now as I write this, every ticket in our system has been responded to, and most are waiting for players to provide more feedback.


Right now we have a total of 137 tickets, and the oldest is from June 17th.


I appreciate everyone's patience, and I'm sorry it took so long.

Hopefully we'll be able to keep up from here on out.



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